16 April 2008

Soul Eater Maka&Soul Figurine

Finally a figurine for Soul Eater just came out.. I was browsing through Hobby Search and found this by chance..

The figurine is of Maka holding Soul in weapon form with parts of his torso sticking out from himself as weapon..

The figurine is made by no one else other than Square Enix.. Ironically, they are the sponsors for the anime show itself.. Heck.. Still love them for making very moe characters in Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts.. ^^

When I took a look at the figurine, I felt that I saw that before.. So I go through all my Soul Eater treasures and found out the source.. It is the manga cover of the Soul Eater Book #1..

However, a small detail of the whole figurine bothers me abit.. Maka eyes on the figurine doesn't fit her at all.. They look different than those shown in both the manga and the anime..

Well, the eyes of Maka in the manga cover and the anime is wider than the eyes on the figurine.. the smaller eyes make Maka looks like a zombie.. Soul overall in the figurine is quite alrite.. They put him the same as in the manga cover..

But overall the figurine is quite so-so.. I will give this one a miss though.. Maybe I will wait for some company to make a figurine of Blair.. She is just so moe!! XD

Couldn't resist her cuteness..

Anyway, the figurine is about 7800 yen which is about SGD$104.. Well, that's how prices are these days.. The figure is scheduled for July 2008 and is open for reservation at Hobby Search.. Click here for the link..

Well, let's wait for a few more weeks, maybe months for the release of the other figurines of the other characters in Soul Eater.. Thanks to Wcloudx for the info about the figurine.. :)

For now, I shall wait for the subbed version of Soul Eater Ep2.. I want to see how pretty Tsubaki really is.. ^^


  1. Yes I would buy one of Blair. OMG nekomimi and neko.

  2. @ panther: I think everyone will.. Hope the price isn't that high.. Nekomimi FTW!!

  3. Now I also want Tsubaki LOL.

  4. I have to say.. this doesn't look too good..

    But a Blair one sounds nice. :3


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