02 April 2008

April Fool's Day Best of Blizzard..

I know that alot of spoofs and parody happened yesterday on April Fool's Day.. Well, I went on a search for the best that intrigue me...

After hours of searching, I found by chance about Blizzard doing double spoof, thanks to

Firstly, Blizzard made a "special job" in the World of Warcraft game.. They somewhat says that there is the new Bard class.. ( Think of Asterix and Obelix stories )..

They intergrated the gameplay from Guitar Hero game series into the class..

How do you start the thing?? Well they say you have to start a battle with a monster and the bars will appear..

If you do correctly, you might deal damage to the monster itself shown in this pic..

Well, at least they made an effort to make a custom keyboard just to play the game..

Next spoof is for their upcoming Starcraft 2 game.. You know about the wallpaper showing the custom Tauren Marine??

Well, they really made a unit in the game itself.. Somehow their "There is no Cow level" cheat code really spawned some Tauren Marine in the game..

Apparently the Azeroth world is connected to the Starcraft Universe.. Some of the Taurens joined the marines to seek adventure and they were outcast by the rest of their kinds..

Seems abit unbelievable at first but at least Blizzard tried to make us laugh, which they really did to me..

Though I doubt anyone would be so dumb to actually believe these stories.. I congratulate on putting effort to creating the Tauren Marines.. Looks very lik the marines themselves..

Who knows, they might add them as a unit by using the "There is no Cow level" cheat code..

World of Warcraft
Starcraft 2


  1. Lol, if only Tauren marine were true. They sure look wicked.

  2. @ lanie: Well, we must pray hard till the release of the game..

    Hope they will put it as a hero or make it as a cheat code unlockable unit.. :)

    Blizzard can surprise us with what they are doing..


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