20 April 2008

Yamanote Line Musical Melodies (8-bit)

I found 2 videos that intrigue me so I decided to share it with everyone.. I found the post from Japan Probe.. Click
here for the link..

But before that, here is the info about the Yamanote line itself:

The Yamanote Line (山手線, Yamanote-sen?) of East Japan Railway Company (JR East) is one of Tokyo's busiest and most important commuter rail lines. Running as a circle, it connects most of Tokyo's major stations and urban centres including the Yūrakuchō area, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro with all but two of its 29 stations connecting with other railway or underground (subway) lines.

In the mornings, certain inner circle trains start from Tamachi which is more efficient after forwarding from the Osaki/Shinagawa stabling yards. Trains which run clockwise are known as "soto-mawari" (外回り, outer circle) and counter-clockwise as "uchi-mawari" (内回り, inner circle). (Trains travel on the left in Japan, as with road traffic.)

So YouTube user
VodkaYNVGw has uploaded two very cool Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)-style videos of Tokyo’s Yamanote Line (cool 8-bit musical representations of each station’s melody are included)..

There are two part of the line.. One is the Inner circle where the trains run clockwise while the other is the Outer circle..

So here you go:

Inner Line:

Outer Line:

Well, I like some of the music for some of the stations but hate the ones that is repetitive.. Anyway I went online searching for the original tunes for the stations in the Yamanote Line.

For those who wants to listen to the original tunes of each station you can visit

I wished that they can apply such tunes onto Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)..

There are good and bad things of applying such work onto Singapore's MRT..


1) People can memorized the unique music assigned to the station that is located near their workplace or homes. When they accidently fall asleep, they will wake up to those tunes.

2) The music are like timing for the doors of the train to remain open.. After the song finish, the door closes.

3) The tunes might make those tensed people feel relaxed. ^^


1) Those repetitive songs used in some stations are just annoying. Not a good thing to repeat the same tune on some stations.

2) Other than the good reason(Part 2), the timing of the tunes might make some people rush to catch the train before the door closes. May cause unnecessary injuries if an accident happens.

Well, if you ask me, putting such tunes may be a good idea.. Sometimes, you need to try something new to see whether people like it or not.. Singapore MRT may take some of these ideas from Japan.. ^^


  1. I dunno about Singapore, but Malaysia needs to improve on its other forms of public transportation before we can even think of implementing these melodies. The LRT/Monorail/etc is probably the most reliable form of public transport you can get here.

  2. I don't remember any of those melodies from the Yamanote line ^^; probably cos I was too busy protecting my loot from being crushed by the hordes of commuters

  3. @ mizunaga: Well, not only in Malaysia but Singapore too.. The number of trains here is insufficient during rush hour.. But it take times..

    @ squee: Hmm, could be.. Well, maybe because there are alot of people in the train you can't hear the music at all..

  4. BayAreaBiker20087:26 PM

    This gives me an idea for CalTrain: "Do You Know The Way to San Jose" for the San Jose Diridon Station, the hymn tune "Belmont' for the Belmont station, "San Francisco, Open Your Golden Gate" for the 4th & King station, and something from a Broadway musical for the Broadway (Burlingame) station. Perhaps other melodies associated with the city might be used for the respective stations


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