28 April 2008

Elderly man arrested for stealing 1,400 books from library

In Fujisawa, Kanagawa, an elderly man has been arrested for stealing more than 1,400 books and magazines from a local public library.. Apparently he repeatedly stole the books and magazines, which range from novels and philosophy books..

Tomio Okawa, 73, a pensioner from Fujisawa, when asked why he did it, told this to the authorities..

"I love books, and I wanted to keep the books in case I couldn't visit the library,"

Local police have confiscated from Okawa's home 1,469 books and magazines that belong to the Fujisawa City Library... The man must be one heck of a thief, or the librarians are totally blind to not spot the accumulating missing books..

I wonder what happened that leads to his arrest.. He took so much books that he can open his own library.. But that might lead to a "library war".. XD

Well, at least he took only books, a very good bookworm.. And it's still better than being a pantsu thief.. (' ~ ')

Source: Xorsyst, Mainichi Daily News


  1. ok even if i accept his reason for stealing but why didn't he return the books after reading? or maybe he is just lying, he just want to keep the books for himself.

  2. @ gordon: I think so too.. He collected alot of book from the library which means he went to the library alot of times..

    What a liar..


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