04 April 2008


Well, I have some free time till tomorrow before the group meeting at City Hall interchange so I researched about everything Hatsune Miku or what I prefer to call it..


It all started when some guy made the Hatsune Miku rendition of Levan Polkka ( Now this version is referred to as Hachune Miku..

After that, companies like Good Smile Company (GSC) made figurines specially of Hatsune Miku..


Source pic taken from Danny Choo..

The one going to be released by Good Smile Company..

But it isn't just the figurines that is created, fan-made videos appeared on video sharing websites like Nico-Nico Douga and Youtube...

Fan-made videos:

Hatsune Miku on platform, 3D and outside computer screen..
Click here for the link..

Lucky Star OP with VOCALOID CG
Click here for the link..

This is the latest fan-made video I found in youtube..
Click here for the link..

Weel, you think that the Hatsune Miku phenomenon end just at those but not really.. Apparently, there is a manga created for Hatsune Miku fans; Hatsune Mix!!

Currently there is 3 chapters released by Comic Rush magazine.. I reviewed the 1st chapter


The front cover of 1st chapter of Hatsune Mix..

A page of the manga of the 1st chapter..

Well, that is all I have about Hatsune-ism.. But the very good thing is that Hatsune Miku; a non-anime character nor a visual novel character became a famous online character..

I also found some fan-made videos, pictures and etc. about Kagamine Rin & Len.. Maybe we can expect more surprises in the future, who knows..


  1. Haha~ The Vocaloid2 is indeed an impressive program. I have the program, but too bad I have zero musical abilities.

    Oh well- I guess I'll just watch the products of other otaku. :D

  2. @ mizunaga: Wow, I wish I had the program.. But no matters, I don't have enough space in my computer to put Vocaloid2 program..

    I heard that those who don't know how to use the program properly have their own mascot named Yowane Haku??

    I'm one of them too.. I loved to listen to music but totally sucky at creating one.. ^^

  3. i want the manga. where get? ^^;

  4. Me wants manga too. ><

    @Fariz Asuka, Oh? Didn't know about Yowane Haku. A quick google search, and everything's explained.

  5. @ gordon & mizunaga: I used to get it from Eval Power who subbed for chapter 1 but he deleted it already...

    The only place left is to download by torrent.. Sorry :(

  6. Lol I have V2 too, just "obtained" recently. Difficult to get Miku as I was saying to sing even "this is a pen" in English. Still I might work on it.

    And if there is a manga, there will be an anime if it is popular enough.

  7. @ panther: Wow, that will sure be hard for me since I sucks at making music.. But I don't know if I don't try.. ^^

    Yea, maybe an anime will come out if the manga is alright.. Oh well, now Im gonna search for chapter 2 of Hatsune Mix.. :)


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