01 April 2008

Dead Fantasy 1 & 2

I recently caught a glimpse of this title when I browsed through youtube and I thought maybe I can give the show a look..

Apparently, the name of this show is a mixture of the names; "Final Fantasy" and "Dead or Alive"..

So let's begin with Dead Fantasy 1.. It last about 4 mins..

Although there is no storyline in this 5 episodes show, the fight begins featuring Yuna (FFX-2) fighting against Ayane and Kasumi form Dead or Alive (DOA)..

Rikku (FFX-2) and Tifa (FFVII: AC) later joined in to help Yuna when trouble arises with the entrance of Hitomi from DOA too...

In the next episode; Dead Fantasy 2, this is where the action starts to get alot better..

We get to see Tifa in action since her entrance in the last episode ended quite shortly followed by "To be Continued"..

However new characters are added to the mix. A scythe wielding woman from the Dead or Alive universe steps up to aid the Dead or Alive girls. (I’ve played Dead or Alive, but never tried her before so don't remember the name.. )

The Gunblade-wielding Rinoa from FFVIII both show up to assist her FF friends, with wings attached.. ( Maybe it's the sorceress power she got near the end of the FFVIII game. )

Also, Kairi, complete with keyblades and keyblade forms, from Kingdom Hearts II joined in to make the FF group gained an advantage in the fight..

With 3 new characters added.. The catfight between the FF girls and the DOA girls gets into high gear.. With combo moves and magic spells cast between one another, I can't get enough of watching it many times..

I find this show one of the best videos created for fans of DOA and Final Fantasy.. Now here is my review of what is good and what is bad..


1) The fighting scenes are well made.. I like the part where Tifa was fighting like a drunken master after she drank the potions ( I think they would be mana pots )..

2) The character are detailed nicely.. I can see their faces perfectly in the fast action-packed fights.. Usually the face of the characters would be blurred most of the time during fight scenes, but not this one..

3) Rinoa's sorceress magic is totally gay.. Didn't know she can cast a tornado in the midst of the battle..

4) Using skills that isn't originally belongs to the character makes the show more original.. If the show uses the character's same moves and skills as in their respective game, the show will get pretty much boring sooner or later..

Now for the BAD:

1) Little introduction to Kairi and the scythe wielding woman from DOA, especially Kairi.. She came in and the battle just start.. Maybe she would be in more fighting scenes in the next episode..

2) The scythe wielding woman waiting at the middle of the tower part; don't understand why she was there in the first place.. I know Rinoa waited for the girls to come at the lava lake but at least she was standing at a normal spot, not at the side of the tower on her weapon or something..

3) The show is abit too long.. I agree to this one.. Maybe episode 2 can be cut into 2 parts which can make the show quite intersting to see.. The first part ending at the scene where the tower collapsed.. A suggestion..

Overall, I like the show.. I heard people complaining that this show sucks, but they are just jerks.. Unless they can prove to us that they can make a better quality, then don't complain about the overall being sucky.. ( Doing 11minutes of 3d animation is hard trust me.. Took me 10 mins just to make a 5 seconds shitty movement.. )

Anyway, I give this show a 10/10.. I will await for the upcoming Dead Fantasy 3 episode..


  1. @Bad point #3, it was too long? Doesn't longer=better? Especially if it's something good? ^^;

    That's just my own opinion, anyway.

    BTW- Did you know? montyoum (the creator) is going to have at least 5 more episodes, since each of the pairs are going to get their own fight. But, well, like he said, anything can happen, so we'll have to wait and see.

    (Sorry if I sounded like a know-it-all. Just sharing my thoughts)

  2. @ mizunaga: Haha.. Don't worry.. It's good to know what other people think about this show..

    Lol.. Well, with 5 more episodes, MontyOum needs to somehow impress us..

    Maybe some fanservice to increase viewers? XD

  3. Though I had it on my blog 2 days after it was out, only Gubinodo noticed at the time. :(

    Also, it is impressive, for true fighting gamers or RPG people, or people who have tried making a vid of this scale. The amount of setup, preparations, and the modelling needed to do this is massive.

    Besides, the whole series is considered fanservice already. If you read his description in Gametrailers, you would know why there are no males, why the disproportionate FF vs. DOA number of characters, etc.

    And to answer who that axe-wielding girl was, since I never saw her in DOA as well I did some research. She is Rachel from Ninja Gaiden, which was made by the same team, Team Ninja, that did DOA.

    Staff fight up next. Should show some good fighting scenes vs. the tonfa style (Rikku). W00t.

  4. @ panther: Ah, thanks for the info about Rachel.. Lazy to look for her name cause she wasn't pretty enough to be checked on..

    Yea, will wait for the next episode.. Hope their new battle location will be nice.. XD

  5. Anonymous6:31 AM

    3 words....

    Not long enough.

    Seriously I can watch a whole weeks worth of this.

  6. NOT long enough ...

    i want MORE ... (No need introduction about the characters)

    LOve this awesome

  7. Anonymous6:28 AM


  8. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I just want to see Kairi fight again! I'm dying for episode 6!!! How long?

    Not to sound whiny and/or desperate. I just wanna see what Kairi can really do.


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