21 April 2008

Koharubiyori Yui & Minori figurines

Finally, another set that I might pre-order.. Minori and Yui from the anime Koharu Biyori finally released by Toys Works.. I wondered how long they will come out after the show ended last anime season..

So first of all, I would love to show you Yui in a black-coloured dress.. She is the main character in the show..

To those who might have missed the show, here is the story:

In the near future, it is normal to buy a robot maid. Yui, a robot maid, is bought by a man, Murata Takanori. She tries to devote herself to him, though he is a maniac who enjoys dressing her up.

Although he loves her blindly, she makes every effort to become a full-fledged robot maid. To start, she struggles every day to make him a great master.

Hmm, she just look freaking moe when she change clothes in some of the episodes.. Anyway, here is the close-up of her..
So innocent...

Well, the figurine is open for reservations at Hobby Search at about 7000 yen or about SGD$91..

Next we have Minori in a red waitress uniform.. She looks kawaii.. XD

Front view of Minori..

Rear view of her..

Well, Koharu Biyori Minori is also open for reservations at
Hobby Search for about SGD$91.. If you like both of them, you can buy both and put both of them together as a collection..

And for those who want more of them can get the limited edition of them.. There is Yui in a limited edition white-coloured dress while Minori gets a pink-coloured waitress uniform..

The problem however is that you need to buy both of them separately at about SGD$91 each.. But since it's a limited edition, it is best you pre-order first than thinking about your budget.. ^^

For the limited edition Yui figurine click
here.. For Minori, click here..

The figurines look awesome, I wish I have the money to buy those.. Sadly that is not the case.. Well, I hope that they will release the other characters as figurines.. (I forgot about the 2 other girls' names since I missed most of the episodes. Will watch it soon.. ^^ )
Totally moe!!

So what are you waiting for? Go and pre-order them now!!


  1. I prefer Yui than Minori, and really tempted to get her ^^ but I'll have to pass for now, since I got so many stuffs coming ( > _ < );

  2. wow. if u put the 2 of them together, their "eyes" will touch! cool! ^^

  3. @ wcloudx: Well, they are a good collection, especially the limited edition since they are at the same price as the originals. But SGD$91 is abit expensive for me.. :(

    @ gordon: Agreed.. ^^


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