01 May 2008

Kamen No Maid Guy Episode 3

Kill Bill Vol.3 XD

A few days passed after episode 2 and Naeka and Kogarashi still couldn't get along well with one another.. However, Fubuki still manage to tame him so that he won't cause too much sexual harassment o Naeka..

While watching over Naeka, Kogarashi's "radar" detected someone who is staring at Naeka from afar.. However, he couldn't tell where and who the person is.. Later after school when Naeka opened her locker to put her shoes, she was shocked to see a love letter in it..

So she tried to distract her friends; Hirano and Izumi while she put the letter into her bag.. However, Izumi saw the whole thing and grin at Naeka..

Back at home, she wished to open the letter but a past experience cloud her feelings.. Kogarashi came into her room to tell her something about the letter but instead his entrance scared her..

In the living room, Kogarashi scanned the insides of the letter by using his X-Ray vision.. However, he was abruptly stopped when Fubuki poked a needle into his ear..

Kousuke told Fubuki and Kogarashi that Naeka will not fall in love again. He then told them the reason; Naeka used to like one of the senior in her school.. One day, she asked him for a picnic so that he could try the food that she made..

Unfortunately, just after he chewed abit on one of the fried shrimps, he suddenly went to seizure and foamed at his mouth..

Kogarashi went back to Naeka's room to return her the love letter.. However, she didn't want to read it anymore.. But Kogarashi did a reverse psychology by destroying the letter using another form he has; paper shredder..

He also revealed Naeka's secret stash of love guidebooks.. He then scolded Nakea for being weak-minded about such things, which upsets her.. Fortunately, Fubuki came to the rescue and stabbed Kogarashi with 2 sticks into both his ears..

So in order to help Naeka, Kogarashi made and gave her a potion.. Unknowingly, she drank the untested potion.. The effects was shown when she suddenly became in love, but for the wrong reasons..

Druing the same time, Naeka and Kousuke's grandfather, Zenjuurou came by to check how things are going in the house.. He was in a rude shock when he found the place in deep mess..

Fubuki then decides to teach Naeka how to cook a proper fried shrimp, meant for human consumption.. In the end Fubuki succeed in doing so, making Naeka very happy..

The next day in school, Naeka felt very in-love since she gonna meet the "guy-of-her-life".. However, this kinda annoyed her friends..

Later at the back of the school, she finally met the person who sent the letter.. However, it wasn't what Naeka thought would be.. The person is actually a girl wo fell in love with Naeka..

The shock made Naeka run away as far as she could.. Kogarashi however has other plans. He pressed a button which made the floor under Naeka and the girl to collaspe..

The big hole is actually a very cute and pretty room made for love.. And the love-fest begins..

After that, Naeka went berserk, bringing a katana with her to kill Kogarashi for what she had to go through..

You don't want to disturb her when shes pretty pissed off..

So in the end, havoc again happened in the Fujiwara household.. ^^

This episode shows that love MIGHT not happen that easily.. But heck, if a chance appears in front of you, just take it..

Anyway, you noticed that I changed my style of showing the pictures.. I was thinking of making them smaller so that it would lessen the lag on my blog and also save alot of your time reading entries about anime episodes..

So I would like to ask for your opinion if this way is better than what I did before.. Will greatly appreciate your opinions, good or bad.. Just don't spam and talk nonsense.. ^^


  1. Aiyeee! I am falling behind on all the new series! Need to go watch ><

  2. Just read the post ^^; I hadn't watched the episode when I last commented, so I didn't read it then.

    I'll say that this format of reviewing is pretty good- like you said, reduces loading time, and it helps the reader to easily get a view of what happened.


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