31 March 2008

Johnnie Walker "Join The Pact" Event at Padang

Me, Amirul and Benji got a last minute job at the Padang about some F1 event held there.. We reached there at about 1pm on the dot after eating breakfast at Funan IT Mall..

It was cloudy when we were there but it started to rain heavily about 15mins or so..

At least the HQ tent is near the big tent that houses the Vodafone Mclaren Mercedez F1 car...

Our job is to actually give out ear plugs to the public but since it was raining just now, we were told to clear away the away on the chairs.. I was given 2 pieces of cloth to wipe all the water away..

So now I give you the tour of the event area.. Firstly, we've got the so many toilet cubicles for the public.. They weren't taking any chances with nature's call..

Then there is the Hospitality tent.. This is where Mika Hakkinen gave his speech to the press and also where all the VIP go to to have a drink..

The 2 tents on the left are the HQ and the First Aid station respectively.. And the bigger tent on the right is the F1 car resting station..

Being on this job has it's perks even though I sweat alot due to the hot sunny day..

Firstly the event starts off with the Police Force Band playing music from the Old Parliament building all the way till the end of Stamford road..

Same thing in Potrait version..

The best of the event arrived as the Vodafone Mclaren Mercedez F1 car went on the road to show some of its super speed and ultra loud sound.. That is why we were needed to give out ear plugs..

Hey join the club people!! We must take some shots of the car..

The closest picture of the F1 car I could get but it was too fast that the car was slightly blur..
Try not wearing ear plugs when this car passed by..

These are my 2 comrades, Amirul and Benji..

Anyway enjoy these pics..

This is a clearer picture of the car when it passes by very quick..

The screen at the back for the public too watch, but they prefer to stand beside the road to catch the action close-up.. And of course to go deaf too..

This was when I was returning back to my post, the F1 car going back to the big tent for check-ups after a drive along Stamford Rd..

Another pic of the car whizzing past the audience quickly..

This is my favourite shot; the F1 car doing a burnout before speeding away to the other end of the Stamford Rd.. Totally awesome!!

The event ended around 7pm+.. The job was more than I've expected.. Gd job, gd view and gd pay..

Now I would like to present the video I took at the event itself.. Totally about the F1 car itslef, u close and personal.. Sorry about the quality since i took it using my K630i Sony Ericsson phone..


  1. nice coverage. do they have any cutesy showgirls at the event? ^^;

  2. @ gordon: Thanks gordon.. Well, there were some showgirls at the event but most of the time they were standing in the VIP area..

    Luckily, I manage to take a pic together with one of them after the event.. It's in my secret stash somewhere.. XD


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