03 May 2008

Rehearsal for Event; Opening of the Henderson Waves bridge

While most of you are still sleeping, I'm at the Jurong East waiting for the train bound for the city..

Most of the time I will be at school doing projects and stuff and back home has things to do.. But sometimes when I'm totally free, I will just slack off and relax.. Especially during the weekends..

Well, you would say going to sleep is the best choice but I have this problem of not sleeping in the afternoon due to no apparent reason at all..

So here comes my friend, Benjamin who got offered a few job slots to work for a day on the 10th of March.. However, there are 2 rehearsal days that I need to go to but I only choose to go for the first one which is today..

The event is held at both Mount Faber Hill and Telok Blangah Hill(above).. Why such a weird place for an event?

Well, the event is about the grand opening of the Henderson Waves bridge.. Quite a nice design for a simple pedestrian bridge..
This is an artist's impression.. The real deal looks way better..

Reached at the base of the Mount Faber Hill at 6.30am.. Yes, from my house in the west all the way to the south (30mins).. So from there, up we go using a 23-seater bus to our respective spots for doing specific job each..

Doing this job in the morning is so refreshing.. Can see the sunrise too..
A shot of the city from inside of the bus on top of the hill.. (Sorry for bad quality)

Whats my job for today and on the real day itself? Well, me and 3 friends, Flare, Benji and Ester (Hope I spell your name right), are in charge of getting the people who are part of the event to board the bus to another location..

Not just that, we have to count how many busses have gone through our pit-stop..

Problem is, we are located away from the main event area, so we have to wait for 1 hour before the visitors arrive at the pit-stop.. So while waiting, we relax for abit and watch nature unfolds around us..

Well, the job is quite easy, just that I have to wake up at 4am just to go there by train.. Pay is better than what I do for my part-time job but forgot the correct salary for this job.. -_-"

Well, I'm happy to get this job, with the money, I can give some of it to my parents and abit more into my savings..

So what do I do with the rest of the money??

Well, they are going to be used to buy all the anime figurines I like at La Tendo.. XD


  1. the bridge looks awesome. this bridge is only for pedestrians and not for cars right?

    glad to hear that u are earning your own money through part time jobs even though u are still studying. unlike many youths nowadays who just waste their time away at home playing games.

  2. @ gordon: Yup, the bridge is only built for pedestrians use..

    Haha, I went through that phase a few years ago.. Played World of Warcraft without stopping.. XD

    Now have a sense of responsibility to make my own money by working rather than just relying on allowance from parents.. :)

  3. Gordon that seems to be a reference to me. :(

  4. panther,
    of course not. i'm referring to "youths". u and me aren't youths anymore ok? lol. ^^;

  5. perfect, a map indicating the bridges is what i'm looking for. Congrats for being the first few to step foot on !


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