06 May 2008

Alter's Saika S. Farnese 1/8 Figurine

I just got this from La Tendo after my friday lesson last week in school.. Was supposed to get 1 of the 2 remaining figurine of Kotobukiya's Shining Tear Kureha..

But when I reached there, they were sold out.. I was feeling kinda disappointed.. -_-"

But the Saika S. Farnese figurine caught my attention while I was browsing through the shelf to find a new figurine to be placed in my house..

Bought it and placed it on my shelf.. Feeling happy that she is my first figurine.. ^^

To those who want to know where she is from can visit

Anyway, the details on her face and clothing are superb, though the blade for her sabre is kinda flimsy since it can't keep still and drop out when I already placed it onto the handle of the sabre..

Took a while before the blade won't come out while I'm shooting pictures..

Kinda sorry for the quality of the pictures and also the lack of more pictures, especially the close-up shots..

Well, everything need to start small before the whole thing looks totally nice for a real photo-shoot.. Need a new camera and a D.I.Y. lighting... Would love to have them before I received my Beats Haruka.. ^^

Now new problems arise from just buying my first figurine:

1) I have join the DARK SIDE.. Master Obi Wan neglected me while Darth Vader has hired me under his new army.. I need to get used to the new surrounding.. :P

2) My mum.. She will turn to a godzilla/she-hulk and kill me if she found out about the figurine.. I would rather let her find out about it herself later than I tell her about it.. By then, it would be too late since I've 2 figurines, including Beats Haruka.. ^^

3) Lack of space.. I need to get myself a glass cabinet and a new spot to place the cabinet to showcase the figurines in the future..

4) Money problem.. Well, not really since I would only use my allowance or salaries from part-time job to purchase them.. Parent's money should only be used for train fares and to buy other necessary items, not figurines or otaku-related things..

But I will manage them somehow.. Must take things one step at a time, except for "point 2".. -_-"


  1. congrats on your first figure. welcome to the dark side. ^^;

  2. Welcome to the dark side! XD

    And good first capture.. lucky you.. I was looking for that Farnese like what.. sold out everywhere.. :(

    Better get a good solid display cabinet for your new "armies" XD

  3. After reading your post.. I now understand the need for a good camera ^^;

    Anyway, congrats on your first figure~ I can't say, "Welcome to the dark side" since I don't have my first figure yet, so I shall stay by Obi-wan's side for now ^^;

    BTW- Saika looks splendid. I hope your mom doesn't hulk-smash her.

  4. Welcome to the dark side indeed. I have a very dark side then. 20 figures and counting, will be nearing 30 by end of this year at least lol.

    Of course, not as dark as those with far more over their years...

  5. @ gordon: Haha.. Thanks.. Still need to get used to the new surrounding..

    @ prim3: Hmm, there are a few more boxes of her at La Tendo when I bought her.. there were like 3 boxes left??

    Yup, I'm gonna go to Ikea to find one.. Or maybe a cheaper one at West Mall..

    @ mizunaga: Good camera = more $$$.. -_-"

    Well, I shall make Darth Vader proud of me.. Maybe he can take care of my mu when she turn to she-hulk.. ^^

    @ panther: 20??? I shall have the same numbr as you in the future.. Need to work more.. XD

  6. Very nice! Oh, I posted your blog on a "other nice blogs" link element on my blog. I hope you don't mind :D

  7. wongtcsg9:23 PM

    I have never heard of this figurine before, and the game she came from, i also never heard the game before.
    Well, welcome to the figurine world then.
    $ ammo is needed, and must control yourself or else you will find your wallet empty.

    @panther - incredible ammount you have, does the number include gasahpon too? or is it 1/6, 1/8 figure only?

  8. @ vasia: Well, the more the merrie right?? ^^

    I've added you under my Otaku-ism blogroll.. Now more people will get to know about you..

    @ wong: Thanks.. ^^ Well, I need to reload my $ ammo before I can buy more figurines..

    I will heed advice from you then.. Save money..

  9. AN Incredible number indeed esp over such a short time.

    Anyways welcome to the dark side of figures. Lucky you got Haruka and not Ringo.


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