18 May 2008

The (Not So True) History of Kasou Taishou

Everyone has heard about the Kasou Taishou show and it's many skits and performance performed by people.. But what you didn't know is about the history that started it..

Historians have released a report anwering the question..

Here is what the report says:

Long ago in the Kingdom of Babylim, there was a gate that was well-known by anyone who travelled through the "Shortcut" road instead of the "Long Detour" one to get to the top of the Tower of Druaga..

When a group arrived at the gate, the gate will ask them to perform something unique to him. He will then judge whether or not the performance was good or not..

Here is how the judging works:

After your performance, a ranking bar will light up from bottoms up.

Good: If your performance is very good, the bar will light up till above the bar indicated by the green markings. IF that happens, the gate will be happy to let you through him..

Bad: If your performance is lame, boring or not entertaining, the bar will not light up above the bar indicated by the green markings. IF that should happens, a trap door will open and you will fall right in..


Even after receiving that humiliation, you will get another one by being spitted out from a mud hole.. That is just gross..

So people back then who wants to travel through the shortcut should learn some perfromance skill so that they can entertained the gate and be allowed in..

If not they must suffer the humiliation and go all the way back to travel to the "Long Detour" road..

So that is the end of the report.. To thank you for reading this, I will show you one of the performance performed in the modern Kasou Taishou show.. Enjoy!!


  1. lol~ I loved that episode of Druaga XD

    I MUST learn the roper dance! Otherwise, I'll have to open the shortcut with the Haruhi dance..

  2. @ mizunaga: Noo!! You must not do the Haruhi dance! Anything but that.. XD

    How about doing Caramelldansen??

  3. Maybe I should just do a Michael Jackson then. That way, "Kasou Taishou" would give me full points out of fear XD

  4. @ mizunaga: If I'm a judge for your performance, I will give you the full points..

    I will also force the rest to do the same so that you can get a full score of 25 points.. ^^

  5. Lol, remember seeing the football skit at Kasou Taishou a long time ago. That got me cracking up ^^.


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