26 May 2008

Charco's Place, A Food Haven

I'd wished I have a party filled with girls to celebrate with.. Fantasy perhaps..

Even though I was pretty much tired after 2 days of outing and today's school in the morning, I got dragged out by my parents and my bro Infesotr51 to go for another outing, this time however is a family outing..

Since we wanted to celebrate my bro's b'dae, they decided to go to CHARCO's stall at Ang Mo Kio..

Well, it is exactly at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, Blk 608.. Don't underestimate the shop just because of its name.. Reason is later on.. But first, let's talk about the menu and what we've ordered..

So this is what we've ordered:

Me: Chicken Kebab & Regular Coleslaw
Parents: 1/4 Roast Meal, Lamb Kebab & Regular Coleslaw
Infestor51: 1/4 Hawaiian Meal

Total Price: SGD$38

After we ordered, we've got this nice number tag-thingy to tell the 'waiters' where we were sitted..

This is the 1/4 Hawaiian Meal..

While this is the 1/4 Roast Meal..

and then I've received my Chicken Kebab.. My dad's Lamb Kebab looked the same as mine so no pic of it.. -_-"

And guys, this is the regular coleslaw salad.. You have not seen and would not want to see how big is the large coleslaw salad..
That is one mountain of coleslaw salad.. O.O

The shop is quite big actually, taking up twice the size of a normal stall would take up..

This is what shocked me.. I knew that there would be a Coleslaw Salad, but what I didn't realised is that the shop is also selling Egg, Potato and even Seafood Salad.. ^^

The food was delicious and the good thing is that we couldn't finish some of the food, especially 1 slice of the Chicken Kebab I couldn't eat.. So what do we do, we ordered a takeaway, including the leftover chicken kebab..

Food and Shop Overall Rating: 4.5/5

There you have it, the review about the Charco's stall in Ang Mo Kio.. A great stall with foods that are worth trying out.. So don't just sit down at home doing nothing, go and have a try at Charco's..


  1. I've been there and it was good ^^ had some ribs and salad

  2. Charco's "The flaming chicken"? Sounds a bit like Nando's to me ^^;

    The food doesn't look too bad.. And that's a LOT of coleslaw ^^; I'd die before I could finish that.

  3. @ squee: Yea, I should try those next time I'm in the area.. Anyway, you should try the kebabs, they are awesome.. ^^

    @ mizunaga: Agreed.. Abit anime-ish in a sense..

    Haha.. The regular colslaw meal is very big.. But the best thing is that I ate the whole thing myself..

    However, due to that, I can't manage to finish the kebab.. -_-"


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