05 May 2008

Hatsune-ism 2

Being a Hatsune Miku fan, I kept searching for videos, pictures and songs that are very interesting to me..

Yes, it's another entry for


So today I will show you the remaining things you can find about Hatsune Miku.. Through the increasing number of fans and the many videos popping up at Youtube and NicoVideo, you are bound to find something new relating to Hatsune Miku or the company Vocaloid..

First up there is..

Mecha Hatsune Miku fanarts:

Hatsune Miku in "Virtual On" mode..

Gundam Hatsune Miku with a negi as main weapon..

Last but not least we have this..

Eva 01 Hatsune.. ^^ Creepy..

Found them around photobucket.. Kinda cool to see fanarts of Hatsune Miku in mecha form..

Next up we have..

Muzic Video:

Well, don't just think that people used Vocaloid to make Hatsune's voice rendition of some Japanese and English songs.. Well, someone at 2chan made an original Hatsune Miku Music Video..

Title: Melody.exe


miku hatsune
Get Ready To Start Sequence.(起動シーケンス準備完了)
Uploading Voice Data.(音声データ 転送中)
Uploading Song Data.(楽曲データ 転送中)
Control Parameter All Clear.(制御パラメータ 全て正常)
Start Sequence Complete.(起動シーケンス 完了)

独りだった 私...
Vocaloidの 私...
あなたがくれた このメロディ
私は ずっと 忘れない!
今はまだ 小さな このメロディ
私は ずっと 歌い続ける!

動き出した 時間
変わり始めた 世界

Warning Warning(警告 警告)
System Overload(システムに過大な負荷がかかっています)
Choose The Forced End Of The System.(システムの強制停止を選択しました)

あなたがくれた このメロディ
私は ずっと 忘れない!
今はまだ 小さな このメロディ
私は ずっと 歌い続ける!
あなたと 作る このハーモニー
私は ずっと 忘れない!
独りじゃ 見れない 夢を
あなたと ずっと 見ていたい!

Warning Warning(警告 警告)
Unconfirmed Data...(未確認データ・・・)

The song is catchy and very nice to listen to.. I wonder where I could find the song.. -_-"

For our next item, I would like to show you this..

Short Films:

I kinda got this from a user at the now defunct Stage6.. So I do not know the title and who the original user is in NicoVideo..

But hey, I would love to share this video to everyone.. ^^

Next on the list we have..

Mugen Battle Royale:

Couldn't come up with a better title for it.. Well, this time, we have Zangief VS Hatsune Miku.. I can't stop laughing when she used her ulti skill; "Levan Polka" and turned in Hachune Miku..

Anyway, here is the video..

Last but not least there is..

Hatsune Miku Itasha:

Itasha = "A car that has been plastered with anime stickers and other form of decoration."

Nothing much to say, just enjoy gazing at the pictures.. :P

Source: Alafista.com

Well, thats about it for now.. Maybe in the future there could be a Hatsune Miku doing the "Nyan-Nyan" dance or sing the "Kyun Kyun" song.. The future for Hatsune Miku still look bright..

Will show to you all more about Hatsune-ism when the time comes.. Till now, have fun with Hatsune-related videos and songs..


  1. I like Melody.EXE and Virtual-On Miku!

    A little saddening to see Miku get owned.. :\ Nice skill though xD

  2. @ mizunaga: Well, at least she used her ulti to hurt Zangief..

    I hope she wont kick-ass my character when I fight with her.. -_-"


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