21 May 2008

Singapore Toy and Comic Convention 2008

Well, an upcoming event is about to happen soon in the shores of Singapore.. In a month's time, the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 08 or STCC08/STComicon 08 will open its doors to the public for a 2-day event..

I know it's kinda slow for me to talk about it since news came out months ago but I would like to share this to those who don't know yet.. ^^

This convention, modelled after San Diego Comics Convention and the Tokyo Game Show, is organised by Play Imaginative - the people behind the well-conceived in Singapore urban vinyl series “Trexi“.

It will be held at the Singapore Suntec Convention & Exhibiton Centre..

It is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. This convention is supported by Animax and the Singapore Tourism Board..

The place is at City Hall.. To those who don't where that is you can check this map.. Print this if you have to so that you wont get lost in the big concrete jungle..

Click for an enlarge view..

From the map above, use the Citylink Mall to head to Suntec City if you are from the City Hall MRT station..

So what events can you expect during the convention? Well, from the website, there are about 8 events and they are:

1) Walk of Fame
The Walk of Fame will feature internationally-acclaimed artists and their works in the Convention’s “Walk of Fame” section.

The “Walk of Fame” will provide a valuable opportunity for Singaporeans to be exposed to leading names from design, comics, toys, and other creative industries and will serve as an exclusive showcase for five international artists, namely: Pete Fowler (UK), Simone Legno a.k.a. Tokidoki (IT), Devilrobots (JPN), Joseph Wong Chak (HK) and Gary Erskine (UK).

2) Artists’ Graffiti Wall
The Artists’ Graffiti Wall will be an exclusive feature of the Networking & Preview Night (Friday 27 June).

A large blank panel measuring 16ft (W) x 8ft (H) will be provided for invited guests, artists and designers to draw, doodle, sketch and paint on. This large collaborative work of art will be a one-of-a-kind piece.

3) Mikoishi Animation Competition
Supported by the Media Development Authority, the Mikoishi Animation Competition will allow fans, students and professionals in animation-related industries to showcase their talent and creativity by developing a 2D animaton clip using characters from Mikoishi’s popular videogame, “Dropcast”.

Contestants who produce their own animation works which best capture and expand upon each “Dropcast” character’s defining personality will win attractive prizes!

4) LEGO® Build-A-Brick Competition
The LEGO Build-A-Brick Competition will call on Upper Primary students from all across Singapore to showcase their creativity, talent and imagination at the Convention, by building “Icons of Singapore” entirely out of LEGO bricks!

Short-listed works by teams (of 3 – 6 students) will be showcased at LEGO Singapore’s exhibition space, and attractive prizes will be given to the team with the most innovative reconstruction of any “Icons of Singapore”.

It is something unique just like this tape dispenser but more of "Singapore Icons" like the Merlion or the Singapore Flyer etc..

5) Singapore Polytechnic Toy Design Competition 2008
Organized by Singapore Polytechnic and supported by the Ministry of Education and DesignSingapore Council, this competition is open to secondary school students, who will design and graphically customise toys. Jointly sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, Autodesk and Play Imaginative, the showcasing of winning and short-listed entries, as well as the awards ceremony, will take place at the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008.

6) Stunt Shows
Organised by Movie Mania
Organised by professional costuming specialists, Movie Mania, the Convention will feature Stunt Shows, whereby individuals wearing costumes will perform certain action sequences inspired by popular movies. This highlight will bring well-known pop-culture icons to life at the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention.

7) Props-making Workshop
Organised by Movie Mania
Professional costuming specialists MovieMania, will perform live demonstrations showing visitors how they make high-quality props and costumes. This demonstration will be a definite treat for those interested in Cosplay.

8) CosCon @ Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008
Organised by Movie Mania
PI Events, partnered with Movie Mania, will welcome talented Cosplayers from all over the world to participate in CosCon @ Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008.

(Taken from the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 08 site)

It's totally way better than Streetfest, thats all I could say.. Anyway, having cosplayers from around the world to gather for this event will make this one awesome cosplay haven..

In line with the international flavour of the Convention, the Competition will fall under two main themes over the course of two days (i.e. Saturday and Sunday, 28 – 29 June):

a) MOVIE (Single & Group/Family) - Held on 28 June
b) ANIME (Single & Group/Family) - Held on 29 June

The MOVIE theme will include entries from Western pop-culture.. Contestants may choose to dress up in costumes related to Western comics, cartoons, gaming and other common mediums of pop-culture.

Even Gordon have some free time to come and visit the convention..

The ANIME theme will include entries from Japanese pop-culture (e.g. Naruto, Cloud of Final Fantasy, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Neon Genesis Evagelion etc.).

Contestants may also choose to dress up in costumes related to Japanese manga and gaming as well such as Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Hatsune Miku etc..

If you ask me, I prefer to go both day since there is 2 different type of cosplayer groups.. Must have all to show everyone what is happening during the event..

Also, I have train concession so I do not worry much about transport fair..

For more info about the CosCon, click
here for further details..

Anyway, heres more of cosplayers from 4chan.. Thanks to the so many "anonymous" for the pics..

Kallen Stadtfeld cosplayer looks gorgeous..

Zero and C.C. together.. The power of Geass.. ^^

That is mostly what are the events that will take place during the convention.. Sounds interesting doesn't it??

Anyway, admission to the convention is free.. That's right!! FREE!! There is 2 way of going into the event free..

1) Sign-up on-site -> A good choice for those lazy bums who don't register online..

Bad Thing: Since its gonna be famous soon, alot of people will be attending it, so expect long human traffic..

2) Sign-up online: -> The best choice since you can just take your tag with you and go right in without wasting precious time queueing for registration to enter for the convention..

Bad Thing: Either it is MSN or I have not received news from the person who will give me details about the get-early-tag thing.. Wonder if I should try again..

So for more information about this Toy & Comic Convention, please visit the main website

What are you waiting for?? Pre-register as a visitor now.. ^^


  1. i'll go for this one. ^^;

  2. I look forward to coverage from both of you then. :P

    BTW- that Lelouch cosplay has got to be the best I've seen so far.. except the lotus helmet.

  3. @ gordon: That sounds awesome.. Maybe we might bump into each other there perhaps??

    @ mizunaga: Ok, I will make sure to post about it ASAP after I finish touring the event..

    Yup, thanks to the anonymous at 4chan.. XD

  4. Anonymous6:06 PM

    i so wanna go but ...
    i wonder there will be anyone cosplaying characters from gintama... it would be hilarious :)


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