03 May 2008

Saika S. Farnese 1/8 Figurine

Lousy camerahpone = lousy pic..

Finally purchased my first figuringe of my life.. Well, doesn't sound as interesting but getting the figurine was a hard one.. Have to compromise my parents feelings and my otaku-ness.. ^^

Anyway, I'm gonna blog about this figurine more very soon.. Now I would like to enjoy watching the new episode of MAcross Frontier..

Speaking of that, I would like to show you this:
Klein Klan very kawaii~~ No wonder her collegues don't mind teasing her.. ^^


  1. Setsuna-san10:39 PM

    Once you started there is no turning back. welcome to the DARK SIDE.

  2. Strong is the urge to buy, but resist you must my young padawan. But too late, I feel my advise came, for fallen is this one.

    and so.... Welcome to the club!! and like what setsuna-san said... Once you're in, THERE'S NO WAY OUT!!!
    *insert evil laughter* MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

  3. Congratulations on your first figure! I feel my goth-loli Haruhi (first figure) is still weeks away T_T

  4. @ everyone: Thanks for the compliment.. I know I've disappointed Obi Wan Kenobi but at least I can train by the side of Lord Vader.. ^^

    Hope my mum wont throw them away..

  5. Hope my mum wont throw them away..

    Woah.. Scary line you said there, my friend ^^; I shall be praying for the safety of your figure (lol).


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