02 May 2008

Oldies Mobile Phones

Went to Plaza Singapura (PS) after a long briefing about my job tomorrow at 6.00am.. So after having our dinner there, we walked around just to kill some time.. Then something caught our attention..

On display on the shop's front, there were replicas or maybe the real deal of the mobile phones of the 80s.. You know, the big bulky kind where it can't be placed into your pocket and the only function was just to call..

They were more like walkie talkies..

The shop's name is Handphone Megastore, the biggest one in Singapore.. Other than just displaying the old mobile phones, they also display current and new phones that are on the market..

If you wish to buy a new phone there, they do sell those at a reasonable price. Without contract of course.. ^^

So if you are in Singapore for a visit and also to the locals, please do visit this shop and enjoy gazing and get the feel of the latest phones in town.. It is located in Basement 2 of PS..

Well, if you aren't satisfied you can catch the "Trigger Happy" rendition of where you can find such phones located anywhere in the world..

Details of the store: Link


  1. That is.. OLD! lol! Especially the one on the far right.. WOW xD

    Thank goodness for the advancement of technology xD

  2. @ mizunaga: Yea, thats true.. But in the future when I go for National Service, I might buy one of those and bring it into camp..

    At least I can make some calls.. ^^


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