10 May 2008

Opening of the Henderson Waves Bridge Event

Now this is what I call too early for work..

It is 6.20am in the wee hours of the morning and I felt that I shouldn't do this kind of job everytime.. The location to meet with the boss is at Harbourfront (South of Singapore) at 6.30am whereas I live at Bukit Batok (West of Singapore)

Had to ask my dad to send me there since I woke up late and also have to wait for my dad to prepare himself before we went out.. Left home at 5.45am and arrived at 6.20am..

So today is the real event which is the Opening of the Henderson Waves bridge..
Magnificent view don't you think? ^^

Todays event follows the rehearsal that took place last week which me and my friends worked..(Click here for details)..

So for today we departed earlier than usual so that we can be sent to our position quicker..
View of Sentosa; moving vehicle + 2.0MgPx = lousy pic..

At the pit-stop where people are to board the buses provided, we expected the weather to be hot and humid.. However, we were not expecting any drizzle, more or less a shower..

So quickly we go and wear the ponchos that were given to us before..
It's hot and stuffy wearing those even when the rain starts pouring on top of us.. -_-"

Unfortunately, I had a different type of poncho than what my friends are wearing.. While theirs is thick and loose, mine was a thin-layer type and it sticks tightly when I try to unroll it from it's packet seal..

Well, we got used to the ponchos after the showers made the area feel chilly..

This is the 2 queues, well, used to be last week... Anyway, the queue system works like this;

Lead the first few people to the 1st queue so that they can board the 1st bus.. After estimating that the 1st bus is full, the guides will redirect the incoming group of people to the 2nd queue to board the 2nd bus.

Once both buses is full, they will set off to the destination and the cycle will continue till there is no more people..

That is what is planned to happen to day but no it didn't.. Reason??

This car, parked by some blind idiot who didn't see the many notices that are pasted among that particular carpark's lamps and signs..

Even one of the organiser stationed there felt the same way too.. ^^
An idiot parked his car on the wrong day..

So for security reason, he had to call the police to do a security check under the car to see if there is any things that weren't meant to be placed there..

After this shot I was forced to not take any more pictures since security is tight due to the Prime Minister attending the event.. But other than that, we felt that we had gained another good working experience..

I guessed the rain kinda provide us a good advantage in today's work.. Rain = lesser people attending the event + schedule time is cut shorter..

Will now wait for the company to call us so that we can get our pay, and me going to buy another figurine.. XD


  1. lol~ Good thing it rained then.
    What happened to the car though?

  2. @ mizunaga: Apparently nothing happened to the car.. Lol..

    The owner kinda find the parking spot as a nice place for free parking because it was parked overnight.. ^^

  3. the ponchos looks terrible. couldn't they provide umbrella?

    btw, did u saw the PM?

  4. @ gordon: We did asked for some but they said the umbrellas were reserved for guest arriving for the event.. -_-"

    Yea, I did see the PM, but he was inside one of the two VVIP vans..

    The convoy was very long; 4 police bikes, 2 mercz cars, 2 police cars and 2 vans.. O - O


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