13 May 2008

Hatsune Mix Vol1 Chap3

A new month means another entry about the Hatsune Mix manga.. It's been a long time since chapter 3 is released so I would not dilly-dally on this and get straight to the point and tell you about Hatsune Mix Chapt 3..

In chapter 3 you will get to see more about Hatsune Miku and the Kagamine Twins; Rin & Len..

Vocaloids' chibis..

Kagamine Len had a crush with his senpai ( no name I guess ), so he wanted to make some chocolate cookies just for her.. He told Hatsune and Ren about it but Rin didn't like the idea at all..

Hatsune Miku persuaded Rin not to continue with the argument and instead asked her if she want to make some chocolate together..

While Len is busy cooking his own chocolate for his senpai, Hatsune and Rin quickly get the ingredients and got dirty with their cooking..
Get down and dirty, literally.. ^^

Even though they created a big mess, everyone still managed to complete their jobs of making their special Valentine's Day chocolates..

While Hatsune and Rin were busy selling the chocolates for the students at school, Len was chatting to his senpai.. However, when Len wanted to give his chocolate gift to her, she abruptly stopped and asked him to wait..

Looking from afar, he saw that the senpai was actually in love with another guy..

When he opened the letter the senpai gave him and read it, he finally realised that the senpai treated him more like a brother than a boyfriend she loved...
I truly feel sorry for Len..

Fortunately, Hatsune and Rin dropped by and consoled him by giving him a chocolate box they made specially for him.. With the kind words, Len felt happy that he have someone who love and cherish him very much..
How sweet of them.. XD

Kei did it again.. The chapter 3 was nicely drawn and the random storyline was superb.. I'm kinda happy that the Hatsune Mix is one of the best manga from a non-anime character..

I'm deeply sorry to say that this might be the end of the manga for Hatsune Mix.. Unless Kei decides to draw another chapter, it is no telling when it will continue again..

However, I will post about the next manga if number 4 came out.. And I will still post about other kind of entries still related to the Vocaloid characters.. Till then, enjoy!!


  1. I finally picked up Hatsune Mix ^^;

    And it's a little saddening to find out it might be discontinued. orz

  2. @ mizunaga: Yeah, fell kinda disappointed that they discontinued the series.. Wish they would continue the series in the near future..


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