16 May 2008

GSC Hatsune Miku 1/8 Figurine Lucky Chance

She looks awesome that pre-ordering her is a must..

Got a chance to visit La Tendo again since I'm helping my friend in buying a Sonic Gear Tatoo 333 Desktop Speaker for his laptop when he is using it at home..

Small but powerful, so to speak.. ^^

For a small boombox, it is quite good and cheap too.. Bought at Funan's Challenger for about $56 with membership (U.P.: $65), it packs a powerful punch..

Anyway, back to the point, when we were there, my friends were window shopping and drooling over the figurines & gundams (last part is optional) while I as browsing through the files of the list of pre-orders for upcoming figurine releases..

While browsing through, I saw a Hatsune Miku 1/8 edition without it being written out as closed.. So thinking that pre-ordering it might be a good idea, I asked the uncle whether or not the pre-order is still available..

Calling one of a secret organization, he spoke with the other guy on the other side in secret codes which I don't understand.. After putting down the phone, he told me a great news that the pre-order is still open so I was like..

Then I went to book one for myself.. XD

Anyway, here is how the GSC 1/8 Hatsune Miku will look like.. I'm pretty sorry for the late showcase of it though..

Front & Back:

Face Close-Up:

The 1/8 figurine together with the Nendoroid version:

I'm excited to finally get Hatsune Miku by September (excluding shipping and production delay) hopefully.. Anyway, thanks to everyone (shops, friends and my dark side) for helping me make that final decision..

BTW, the Hatsune Miku figurine pre-order is still available but about to close soon, according to the uncle.. So pre-order her now if you want to get one too.. ^^

Source of Hatsune Miku pics: Good Smile Company


  1. Nice. Not a Miku fan, but the figure looks allright ^^.

  2. Woo.. She looks nice and shiny. Looks like Good Smile did a good job again! ^^

  3. @ lanie: It's alright.. There are gazillions figurines out there in the world that we like or don't like.. Though $$$ seems to be the main problem..

    @ mizunaga: Yup.. I love GSC from now on.. ^^


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