19 May 2008

Soul Eater Episode 6

A new student has enrolled into Shibusen with much fanfare.. However, Black Star and Soul don't seem too happy with his enrollment with the school at all..

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  1. I've been wondering for a while now, but which group are you following for Soul Eater? I've been trying to follow Rumbel, but they're releases are late, so I'm thinking of switching to AEN..

  2. @ mizunaga: I've been watching AEN subbed Soul Eater since it first began because they release the episodes faster than other subbers..

    And they release their videos in HD.. ^^

  3. Ahh.. okay. The reason I'm trying to avoid AEN is because of their English ^^; It's a little off, so when I read it, I get confused, then have to rewatch that bit and pause to read.

    BTW- do you know if AEN is subbing the late night or normal ver? I know Rumbel does late night..

  4. @ mizunaga: From these 6 episodes so far, AEN is doing the normal version still..

    I don't mind missing out on the late night version.. Maybe that is why Rumbel released their subbed videos late..

  5. Anonymous10:04 AM

    In episode 6 the song playing when Kidd faces off against black-star and Soul is from the Soul Eater OST (Orginal Sound Track) number 9

    Soul Eater OST Track 9


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