15 May 2008

The Ugly Side of Lift Users

Disgusting isn't it??

Well, going straight to the point, some inconsiderate lift user got the cheek to use the lift at the apartment block I live in as a toilet..

He is even bolder since the lift is fitted with the Urine Detection Device (UDD).. Maybe the UDD is not even working for him to escape after doing it..

Not only is the mess unsightly, the lift reeks of the stench of the "water" since the lift has a powerful fan that you will think of it as aircon.. Usually I don't mind if this happen since obviously the cleaner will come sooner or later and clean it, but there is a reason to it..

Behold, the next problem that adds to it.. My neighbourhood is undergoing Lift Upgrading Project (LUP), so currently only one of the 2 lifts is complete..

So other than having to wait for quite a while for the lift to come to the 1st floor, you have to bear with the stench while the lift is going up to your destination..

I sent an e-mail to the Resident Commmittee about this incident and later on when I used the lift again to go for a school meeting the mess is gone.. Thank goodness..


  1. The UDD is merely a signboard lol. I doubt if anything like that exists in the lift.

  2. i think it might be from a pet dog. a normal person is unlikely to do such a thing since the trip from the top floor to ground floor is so fast i doubt a person can finish his business in such a short time. not to mention it's embarrassing if one got caught.

  3. @ panther: Could be.. Maybe they are like the speed cameras on the road junction; some of them are real while some are just duds..

    @ gordon: I can't really confirm on that though.. Since the apartment block is 25 storeys high, it might be possible for either a human or an animal to do such inconsiderate acts..

  4. Anonymous9:05 PM


    Yeah, I hate it when that happens. Usually a drunk man would do that. It could probably a pet too >_<

  5. A wcloudx: The culprit who did it will remain a mystey to this day.. Hope he/it will get caught when he/it do it again..

  6. @Asuka, Actually, you should be hoping that he/she/it DOESN'T do it again! XD


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