04 May 2008

Soul Eater Episode 4

The prologue is over and now the real story begins.. Was very happy that they took out the intro about the Shibusen school and the repetitive scene of Shinigami-san talking.. -_-"

Maka's Rendition of "Shinigami-Chop"

For a book, it still packs a great punch..

So the story begins when Maka & Soul's homeroom teacher; Sid didn't teach the class anymore.. So alot of students spread rumours about him attacking the students in the school as a mean of teaching them "lessons"..

So who substituted the teacher?? It's no other than Maka's father, the current Death Scythe.. He told them that Shinigami-san had asked for them to his room.. When they reached there, they are "greeted" by Black Star & Tsubaki..

So Maka came to the mirror and summoned a call for Shinigami-san using "42-42-564" or as my fav. word, "Kill-Kill-Die"..

Shinigami-san gave them a shock of their life when he told them that they are going for remediation for having zero egg of kishin..

All except for Black Star took it very hard.. He however, laughed it off and got "Shinigami-Chopped".. Shinigami told them that in order to pass the remediation, they have to find and attack zombie-turned Sid (after an unfortunate accident) and also find the person who turned him into the zombie..

He warnd them that if they should fail this, they will be expelled from the school.. (' ~ ')

At the graveyard where they supposed to meet Sid, Maka and Soul went mentally emotional because of what Shinigami told them.. The only person who are immune to his words are Tsubaki and Black Star, especially Black Star..

Then out of nowhere, Sid came from underground and grabbed hold of Maka.. Soul in the nick of time saved Maka and the battle begins..

The battle is watched by Shinigami-san and Death the Kid (too obvious in that particular scene, so no use hiding the truth)..

As the battle rages on, Sid gets more serious and used his gravestone as his weapon.. He also use it as a shield to block Maka and Black Star's attacks..

He went more serious by using one of his skill, Living End on Black Star.. He thought he had killed Black Star but knowing his ego, Black Star wouldn't let that happen..

He returned Sid his favour by attacking Sid in a very quick manner.. Sid also tried the same skill on Maka, however got out-smarted by her when she dodged his attack.. She also return the favour..

To quickly end the battle, Soul and Maka did what they have tried many times before but failed;

"Soul Resonance!!"

The synchronizing of their souls finally work and Soul's form changed into a moon-like shape.. However, only getting the sync to work for the first time, Maka's attack failed when she slipped and attacked the wrong way...

The attak almost hit Black Star but he ducked to one side just in time.. The attack was so strong that it caused quite a long scar on the graveyard's ground, even making Sid feel surprised..

Then it comes to the blaming game..

Due to the missed attack, Maka tried to attack Sid again the normal way but Sid ran for cover by going underground..

Black Star wasn't very pleased of Sid using such lousy skill.. So he and Tsubaki used another of their skill; "Trap Star" to pinpoint Sid's souls location and capture him..

However, while capturing Sid, Black Star purposedly capture Maka & Soul too and luaghed at them for being idiots..

After watching Soul and Black Star's battle with Sid, Death the Kid asked who is really the one who created zombie Sid..

Shinigami-san replied by revealing that the guy is actually Doctor Fraken Stein, the first weapon meister for the current Death Scythe before becoming Maka's mom weapon and then Shinigami-san weapon..

After that the scene turns to Maka, Soul, Tsubaki and Black Star with the captured Sid behind them.. This is the part before the battle with Doctor Stein begins next week..

Being the "real" first episode of Soul Eater, I find it quite exciting to watch.. I also like the revealing of Doctor Stein and also the Resonance of Souls.. I like the second form of Soul's Scythe.. ^^

Well, will catch the 5th episode of Soul Eater to catch the battle between the team and Doctor Stein.. Looking at the preview, it looks like Stein can fight them using just the arms against the group..

If you find this episode to be nice, then I will tell you to watch this show..

My preferred and favourite way to be woken up:

Who couldn't resist looking at Blair's "moe" face.. XD

I think most don't mind getting their face stuffed with Blair's "eyes"..

Caught red-handed.. Soul just plain unlucky..

If you want Blair to wake you up you can call at this hotline: 42-42-564... You won't regret having Blair with you as an alarm clock.. ^^


  1. The things I would do to have Blair wake me up this way.

  2. @ panther: Haha, what are you waiting for??

    While stock last.. XD

  3. Anonymous10:44 AM

    being a girl, i would rather not wake up this way...

  4. Anonymous3:35 PM

    why is he such a freakin dweeb? "cool guys don't cheat" yes they do! all the time!

  5. BladeMasterD12:58 AM

    so.. want... *floats over to blair kicking soul out of bed and jumping in his place*


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