23 May 2008

Nabari No Ou & Wagaya No Oinari OPs

Having alot of free time today, I've decided to continue with the OP & ED section with 2 OPs (again) from two different animes, "Nabari No Ou" and "Wagaya No Oinari"..

Let us begin with Nabari No Ou:

Opening Theme
Performed By: VeltPunch

The story about Nabari No Ou is this:

Set in the modern age, the story is about Rokujo Miharu, who just wanted to live a normal life and inherit a restaurant. At the moment, his biggest problem was the constant pestering from Kouichi Aizawa and Thobari Kumohira, who started a Nindō (忍道, Nindō? lit. "Way of the Ninja") Club.

Miharu wanted nothing to do with "ninjas" and turns them down every time. But soon, he is attacked by an actual group of ninjas and is protected by Kouichi and Kumohira.

There, Miharu learns of the hidden ninja world Nabari, the roles of his classmate and teacher in that world, and of the hijutsu Shinrabanshō (森羅万象, Shinrabanshō? lit. "all things in nature") within him.

The hijutsu, containing all the world's knowledge, is sorely coveted after in Nabari. And because of that, Miharu cannot return to his normal life. He must become the "Ruler of Nabari" to survive.

So it's like another ninja story, but it is a great compensation to the filler-episodes Naruto for some..

Well, the anime is great though storyline start out abit slow for me.. But hey anime can't be rushed or they will look totally bad..

There are actually 3 people who will guard Miharu against the threat of other ninjas from the other clans..

Well, you have Thobari who uses melee to fight other ninjas.. A very cool leader but has fear of riding on any kind of vehicles (trains, trucks, cars, etc..).. He prefer to walk for hundreds of kilometres than riding on vehicles to trvel to a location..

Then we have Kouichi who is a Nindo user.. Can move to a location quickly by using the wind instead of just dashing here and there.. A very serious guy in most of the episodes..

Last but not least we have Raimei, who uses a katana to fight instead of using an type of ninjutsu.. Being a samurai, she looks quite fierce when handling with a katana..

A must watch for everyone.. Anyway, the song is quite nice to listen to.. ^^

Here is the OP of Nabari No Ou:

Next up we have Wagaya No Oinari:

Opening Theme
KI-ZU-NA ~Haruka Naru Mono e~
Performed By: Hitomi Yoshida

The story of the show:

The Takagami brothers return to their mother's hometown only to find out that she was the last Priestess of the Water and that the elder sibling, Noboru, is now the head of the Mizuchi Family. Tōru, on the other hand, is currently being targeted by yokai for the power he possesses.

In order to protect him, the Guardian spirit, Kūgen Tenko, is released from the seal that held her captive. Later that night, the enemy attacks and it took both Kūgen and the sentinel Kō's combined abilities in order to vanquish the evil spirit. Afterwards, the brothers return home with both Kūgen and Kō, who will both serve as their guardians from spirits who mean to do them harm.

Well, although this OP looks abit lazy in some sense, the anime is awesome to watch.. The fighting scenes between the protectors against the enemies is truly magnificent to see..

Though I find that animators like to have the fox deity in gold colour.. Although Kūgen acts like what a fox deity should act (except when she acts childishly in female form), Chizuru from Kanokon tarnished the overall of a fox deity..

Then there would be Kō who is the sentinel of the Mizuchi family.. She agreed to keep an eye for Kugen and the Takagami household..

She is also a very kind person albeit just being a water sentinal.. She offers help to do household chores which she would make a big mess at the end.. -_-"

Here is the OP of Wagaya No Oinari:

Finally, the 2 full songs from both OPs; 1 each.. Enjoy listening to them.. ^^

Mizunaga also did a post on Nabari No Ou OP & ED. Read his one here.


  1. CRAWL is certainly great, but KI-ZU-NA is certainly not. - -ll I can't quite stand KI-ZU-NA... That's just my opinion anyway.

  2. @ mizunaga: Haha, no worries.. Different ppl have different likings of songs..

    Gonna put these 2 songs into my mp3.. ^^


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