25 May 2008

Singapore StreetFest 08 (Outing 2.1)

The best loli cosplayer I've seen.. Worth the great shot..

Even a day after our 2nd group outing, we couldn't just lie down and forget about this event.. So we came, we took some shots and even listened to bands playing mostly J-Rock songs..

We tried to get free hugs but weren't very confident to ask them..

We met at around 2.30pm and reached there at about 15mins after 3pm which is when the event starts..

Here is the group shot we took during the event later in the evening..

Larger image is available when you click on it. Here are the peoples' names, from left to right. If they have blogs or links, I will put them in.

Squatting: Wcloudxkumo, Hanif, Yumeno, Fariz Asuka
Standing: Akabane, Kazearashi, DeadSnake, Squee, Panther

Actually, our group was bigger than what is shown in the photoshoot, but some had to leave early and so they are not in the group photo..

So they are alot of cosplayers during the event but managed to get a few good shots of them..

What a surprise when we saw the Vocaloid cosplayers; The Kagamine Twins, Hatsune Miku and Kaito.. Wonder why there isn't a Meiko cosplayer..

Nothing is full without Hatsune Miku's Negi.. And the Kagamine Twins' ice-cream??

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the pictures.. ^^

A solo picture of Hatsune Miku.. The best so far for the Vocaloid team..

Seen the character before but I forgot where I saw it.. :(

The cosplay competition.. I think Ryuk might beat them all..

Suzumiya Haruhi in rock outfit..

A neko cosplayer.. Looks kawaii~~ But that is just me.. :P

Meido and servants group photo..

Random shot.. But quite unique in a sense..

Allen Walker and his group was there during the event..

The best of all is this pic of Panther with one of the models for Sony cameras.. A lucky guy you might say.. XD

I will post the rest of the pictures on my photobucket ASAP.. You can expect the other Singapore bloggers who attended the event to blog about the StreetFest too..

Anyway, today's cosplaying event was awesome.. Will go for the next event which would be the Singapore Toys & Comic Convention which I posted 4 days ago to take more good shots of cosplayers...

Thanks to Panther for organising the group outing again.. Anyway, you've got something as a grand prize too.. ^^

Update: There are 4 other blogs who posted about the StreetFest too.. Do check them out!! ^^

To date, here are some of the "already" posted ones: Wcloudxkumo (
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3; mass photos lol), Hirito, Yumeno, Panther.


  1. The last picture warms my soul.

  2. @ panther: No problem.. Thanks to this outing I have some great shots of most of the cosplayers there..

    I was happy that a group did the Vocaloid team.. They did it well too.. ^^

  3. nice coverage fariz! ^^;

    first off, the 2 person giving free hugs doesn't look too happy. business must be bad.

    the haruhi rock chick has nice abdomen. yum. ^^;

    the gothloli girl in the first pic is pure <3 *heart*heart*heart* ^^

    and lastly, panther u lucky man! that show girl is kinda famous. seen her before in other events. she is very pretty. will be great if we can get her to cosplay. ^^;

  4. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Damn, can`t believe i missed this event for a meeting, WTF!

  5. that was fast!

  6. @ gordon: About the free hugs group.. I think they were rather scared of us giving them a bear hug.. XD

    Anyway, enjoy the pic I sent you.. ^^

    @ rokku: Well, don't worry.. There will be the upcoming Singapore Toys & Comic Convention 08 in June.. More cosplayers to see, even from around the world..

    @ ck: Well, I didn't like the idea of posting about an event which happens a few days ago..

    Should have taken some better shots since my hands shake when holding a camera.. :(

  7. u_u i missed the event...

  8. I'll be cosplaying in August's Coscon if I can make it in time. XD

  9. Urayamashii! I wanna see those cosplayers and gothloli girls too!

  10. Gordon: REALLY? ZOMG. But I am too shy. :( She is too good. :( I must stay away from her to avoid infecting her with evilness. :(

  11. @ abao: Its ok.. You can look at Wcloudx blog to see all the pics he took.. O.O

    @ yumeno: That would be awesome!! So what would you want to cosplay as? *Prepare camera ASAP*

    @ mizunaga: I heard there would be some cosplaying event in some parts of Malaysia, though I really dunno where exactly..

    But if you want to, you can come here and join us gazing at the cosplayers..

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