09 May 2008

Ticket Gate Dancing Antics

Do you notice what do the ticket gates at your nearest train stations do when the train stations are closed for the night??

Well, a few of those were caught red-handed by the public and were put on one of the greatest show in Japan; Kasou Taishou..

A great performance indeed by the ticket gates, even getting a full score of 25 points from the judges.. ^^

To those who don't know what kind of show Kasou Taishou is,

It is a semi-annual show on NTV in which various amateur groups (or solo artists) perform short skits, which are rated by a panel of judges.

It is famous for one of its best skit ever shown, even online; the Matrix Ping Pong..
Click here for the video at Youtube.. :)

Ah the good old days..

So if you happened to pass by any closed train stations, make sure to catch their performance.. ^^

Sources: Wikipedia & Japan Probe


  1. Yeah, that jap show used to air on ch8 some time ago haha

  2. @ ck: I kinda missed the latest one that was shown on ch8.. I will go and search for it online if possible for the show..

    Japan is getting interesting as the years go by.. ^^

  3. I can only wish it would show here. orz

    The best Japanese show I've watched (I don't really watch TV) on local stations has to be Takeshi's Castle from way back.

  4. those were the days. i remember seeing this show on tv as well. in fact chn 8 also produced a local version of it.

    the ping pong one was good. got the matrix feel to it. ^^

  5. heh, its on ch 8 after all, dont expect you to be browsing it, besides i remember it only showed once a week, and yeah its realllllyy long ago, when watching tv is still the 'in' thing


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