07 May 2008

Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2

Found this game while browsing through the net looking for a game that resembles a Gundam game on PS2..

So Infestor51 and I gave the game a try and we soon got hooked into playing it.. So this is how you begin the whole game..

Firstly, you have to adjust the graphic settings of the whole game before you can play the game.. If you never set the settings, you will end up either with a beutiful graphic but laggy gameplay or fast gameplay with shitty graphic (thats mine)...

So in the game there are currently 14 Windoms you can pick, from machine-wielders to laser-rifle to Dragoon-packs/Fangs-type to Freedom Gundam super laser attack..

Then in this game there are 4 type of modes to choose from; Practice Mode, Survival Mode, Battle Mode and Blitz Tactic Mode..

So for the first part I would like to tell you abit more about Blitz Tactic Mode.. In this mode, you start off from one of the two motherships (one main, one extra)..

Your objective:

Destroy the enemies main mothership (the one that remain stationary the whole battle.. Usually you can spam some shots at it but the mothership's defence system will take you down first if you stay still..

Well, if you are feeling bored of doing that, you can select a better Mobile Suit and do an ultimate attack on the mothership.. ^^

Just too gay.. -_-"

Well, usually it is not just the ship that will defend itself.. There are also the enemy Mobile Suits that will attack you too to kill you off the battle map..

So you need to watch both your back and front to prevent any annoying retaliation by the enemy.. Well, you could do the same and kill them..

Anyway, while you are attacking the enemy's main mothership, the enemy might do the same to your main mothership too.. So you have a bit of a challenge by doing both attacking and defending at certain times..

The only way to avoid being spammed with barrages of missiles and lasers is to dash away ASAP.. Without doing so will make you a sitting duck..

Some mechs do have a second dash mode which change themselves into planes, providing the best dodging possible in the game..
I wondered why I dashed through the missile barrage..

My all time favourite mech?? Well, it would be KD-07 BlackComb Windom.. It's almost an exact thing to the Akatsuki Gundam in Gundam Seed Destiny..

Why is it so?? First of all, it has the most stunning way to release it's Dragoon Pack..

And also it's ultimate attack is the laser weapon the Akatsuki have on it's thigh, but in this game, it's more powerful..
This is pwnage.. Destroyed 2 buildings and a Windom in one shot..

So next up will be the Team Battle Mode.. It's also called Team Deathmatch in a way..

Your objective:

The objective is to kill the enemy Windoms without letting your own teammates die completely.. But thats easier said than done..
The battle is awesome when you fight alongside allies..

This game is totally addictive, trust me.. It only takes up about 150megabyte on your HDD.. Anyway, with a good computer, the game will look beautiful and the mechs will be totally shiny.. ^^

So again, please try this game and it's free at a website.. Click
here for the link..

If you are bored of the pilot's voice you can voices from the Gundam series at this website.. Click here for the details..

So I hope you will enjoy playing this game once you download it.. You will get addicted to it, trust me.. XD

Thanks to Infestor51 for the awesome pics.. My computer is too obselete for high graphics for this game..


  1. O.M.G. This looks like true WINdom to me! Will go and get it right now.

  2. After getting the game and playing it.. I can quite confidently say my computer is as good as yours. (fast gameplay with shitty graphics) orz

    -or worse.

  3. @ mizunaga: Join the club..

    The only person who can play with normal gameplay with good graphics would be my brother ( Dual core with Nvidia GeForce 7600 ).. Lol..

  4. Downloaded this after I got bored playing FSN. I swear I got finger cramp playing this game, lol ^^.

    But what attract me most was the Macross Missile Massacre. Nothing give your sheer satisfaction whenn seeing a barrage of your missile hits your enemy head on. Which then leave me with a big grin on my face XD.

  5. OMG I think my jaws nearly dropped off when I saw this. Downloading the installation at the moment, hope it turns out great! Anyone tried the multiplayer function yet?

  6. Anonymous11:26 AM

    very fun game love playing as the missle windom (not sure of its name comn its a long one XD) anyway its the one with a bazzoka as a main gun yea missle spamming XD but still its addictive now if only i could figure out how to connect to muliplayer i just cant :(

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  12. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I want multiplayer, and I want to know how to change my gundams color =[


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