11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day ^^

Today is one of those many special occasions that you can spend together as a family annually.. Today belongs to the mothers all over the world where most of them celebrate Mother's Day..

So everyone in my family (excluding my mum), decided to get for her a cream cake for Mother's Day..

This is a one of a kind order since the shop don't really make this type (I think).. It's a cream cake with oreo cookies placed on top of it..

Looks too delicious to be ignored..

So how much is it?? None for that actually.. It is a complimentary gift from the baker as a Mother's Day present.. But nothing can come free just by ordering one cake right??

The actual order is this set of cupcakes which my mom asked us to buy for my grandmother..
Tempting~~ ^^

So we brought both items home, much to the delight of my mom.. So we celebrated Mother's Day at home before heading to my grandmother to celebrate her Mother's Day..

So please enjoy Mother's Day with your family and please thank your mom for raising you well since young..

Also go and enjoy her cookings rather than eating outside most of the time, even if some of her cookings aren't very delicious..

But don't say it out loud, you will make her emotional and she will run out of the house crying just like Sanae did when Akio did the same thing.. Orz..
Now you've done it Akio..


So to all the Mothers out there, Otakus and Non-Otakus,


P.S. Buying item is alright but it's the thought that counts.. ^^

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  1. Regrettably, I didn't do anything special this Mother's day..


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