08 May 2008

Kamen No Maid Guy Episode 4

Another person to take over the inheritance.. Well, a loli to be exact.. With strawberry pantsu.. Orz..

So this episode starts off when some group infiltrated the Fujiwara's front yard while Naeka was "doing her schoolwork".. Although this group uses stealth to infiltrate the area, Fubuki managed to detect the sound of their movements..

The group is actually are thieves.. More appropriately, pantsu thieves.. However, they were caught in the trap set up by Fubuki and Kogarashi.. But Kogarashi wouldn't stop there as he manage to throw one of the thieves up into the air spinning..

Asked who they are and why there were doing so, they oblidged.. They told Naeka that they were stealing because the pantsu could fetch millions of dollar.. Thinking that her pantsu is what they were talking about, Naeka became shy..

But the thieves weren't referring to her but were actually referring to Fubuki's pantsu.. They told that Naekas only fetch about $70,000.. This enraged Naeka who attacked them.. However, her attack backfired and this led to one of the thieves escaping and bringing along the pantsu with him..

When the escaped thief finally ran away with the pantsu, but unfortunately he got Naeka's ones.. But he was caught red-handed by a loli who used a skill to attack the thief..

Kogarashi, on hot pursuit with the thief, didn't manage to catch the person who attacked the thief..

Back at the Fujiwara's household, Kogarashi decided to use his "Maid Guy X-Ray" to find the culprit.. But without a lead, he couldn't find one.. So he went to the only witness where the crime happened; the fish deliveryman..

Using his mind-control tactic, he managed to figure out that the suspect is a girl who wear the strawberry-printed pantsu..

The next day, a new exchange student arrived in class; Elizabeth K. Strawberryfield ( Lol )... Elizabeth or Liz in short then went beside Naeka and challenged her to a duel in kendo..

Naeka felt shocked that the loli just challenged her.. Elizabeth the matter of fact is kinda childish, even her maid told her, which she won't accept..

While the loli made the challenge to Naeka, Kogarashi was collecting pantsu around the school to check the printing and type of the pantsu to find the culprit.. He did so because his X-Ray can't really tell that much detail about pantsu.. WTH...

His actions however disgust Fubuki and she pressed the self-destruct button, resulting in him being incapacitated..

At the kendo club later on, a crowd has gathered to catch the battle between Naeka and Elizabeth.. Elizabeth warns that if Naeak chickens out and try to leave, she will show revealing pictures to a certain fanclub..

Kogarashi who was nearby, tried to realy the picture of the suspect to Fubuki, but the signal was jammed.. Suddenly Kogarashi was attacked by an unknown person but he managed to dodge it..

Then came out the attacker; Elizabeth's maid..

In the kendo club, the first round of the duel begins, but it ended as soon as it starts.. Reason is that Naeka purposedly made Elizabeth wear a protector which wasn't clean for 3 years.. *Run away*

For the second round, it was Elizabeth's revenge as she threw the revealing pictures that she had before the start of the duel.. She threw them in the air, causing disarray in the clubroom..

This gave a chance for Elizabeth to strike at Naeka while she was being distracted by the havoc..

Elsewhere, Kogarashi and Liz's maid were in a battle against one another.. Liz's maid uses the Invisible Bug skill to hide from Kogarashi, but her constant talking and Kogarashi's "evil" eye allow him to find her...

Being overshadowed by Kogarashi, Liz's maid thought the worst is going to happen.. But actually, Kogarashi wanted to check what type of pantsu she is wearing..

Knowing that hers isn't the right one, he throw it back at her face..

For the last round of the duel, Liz tries to cheat again by throwing Naeka's pantsu that she got from the thief earlier on in th show.. This again causes a riot in the clubhouse..

However, Liz just stood by and grin evilly, looking at how Naeka feeling lost and confused..

But Kogarashi came in time and summoned an army of flying-birds-with-Naeka's-pantsu-detection ( What a long name for the special birds ).. So the birds did their job well and gather Naeka's pantsu that are spread around the kendo club, even from Liz clothes since she still have some with her..

However, the birds overdo it and also wanted to take Naeka's undergarment.. Kogarashi told her to do so but Fubuki who is watching the whole scene decided that enough is enough..

She then pressed the self-destruct button again, and the same explosion happened again, but this time in the kendo club..

Due to the explosion, the last round of the duel ended in a draw.. This leads to the whole duel ended in a draw too..

Back at home, Kogarashi, Fubuki and Naeka were counting if they got all of the pantsu that were stolen.. However, 1 of them is still missing..

When Kousuke returned home, they know who the culprit is..

Kogarashi is the best calculator you can ever find in the world..

Because of that, Naeka felt so angry that she want to kill Kousuke with her katana..

Thats Naeka for you.. ^^

Well, I find this episode funny, espicially the part where Kogarashi looked at the pantsu of Liz's maid and threw it back at her.. I hope there will be more poeple wanting to challenge Naeka again just for inheritance sake..

Well, I will catch more of this show to see more funny antics and maybe a great battle scene in the next episode..


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  2. @ zaki: Ok, will do.. ^^ I've not watch animes from that period of time yet.. Someday will do so..

  3. I must say.. I was a little disappointed to see the lack of serious kendo action. But I guess that's not the purpose of the series, so.. ^^;


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