31 May 2008

Figma Fate Barrier Jacket Version

Finally pre-ordered Max Factory figma Fate.. Nope not from La Tendo, but by Hobby Search through Jon.. Thanks dude.. ^^

Anyway, anyone who don't know who is Fate, she is the commander of the Riot Force 6's Forward Lightning Squad and Nanoha's longtime best friend from the anime series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers..

Without interrupting you more, here is some of the pics of what you can get to see from figma Fate..

3 weapon forms from Baradiche (including top picture)..

A close-up of Fate's face...


Release Date: July 2008
Type: ABS & PVC
Scale Height: About 130 mm
Publisher: Max Factory

Well, actully I didn't ask Jon straight-away to order for me the figma Fate.. I went down to La Tendo during lunch to see whether they have any reservations.. Unfortunately there was none about figma Konata nor figma Fate..

Although going there to pre-order was a waste, at least I get to enjoy some rock-climbing competition held there.. Sorry for the blur pictures, those were taken using my Soney Ericsson K630i..

Anyway, the competition is actually called PumpFest.. I wonder why they name it that??

But thanks to Jon, I managed to get a slot of pre-order of figma Fate which should arrive this July.. Another great figurine added into my collection.. ^^


  1. Fate looks great! And her weapon is cool!

    Have yet to finish even the first season of Nanoha though.. I should really catch up on that.

  2. @ mizunaga: Wow, that was quick.. Just finished with the entry and you've commented already.. ^^

    Yup, she looks awesome.. Luckily I didn't waste time and quickly pre-ordered her..

    How about you? Have you pre-ordered her already?

  3. Anonymous1:19 PM

    No problem ^^ I'll inform you when she arrives. If she's right on schedule, she should be out around the 2oth, just like other Figmas ^^

    And, yeah, she's a must get!!! A girl with a big sword is some thing you don't see everyday~XD

  4. @ wcloudx: That should be just nice since I have enough $$$ to get her..

    Yeah!! Usually it would gundams or 1/8 figurines that carry biga*s swords.. She would be the best character so far in my collection.. ^^

  5. haha!! Nice figurine but Bardiche have 1 more form.... it is the 2 hand swords and it is linked together like kanda's!!! but i like the scythe form like death reaper!!!

  6. @ benji: Hmm, although that is not shown or will never come out in the figma, I'm still happy to see Fate carrying the big sword.. ^^

  7. Wow! Very tempting. I just ordered Figma Nanoha. Now it came out?! >.<" Wonder should I get this too?!

  8. @ shinky: Yeah, you should get this one too.. You sure do not want to miss this grea chance.. ^^


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