20 May 2008

Red Alert: A Decade Later

After 10 years, the Red Alert series never fail to please me.. I've played the game when I was still very young and when Windows 95 was the new "in" thing back then..

Anyway, let us see the path of the Red Alert game franchise..

First up is the first Red Alert Game, Command and Conquer; Red Alert.. Released in 1996, the game was one of the best RTS game to play.. Units ranged from V2 rocket to M.A.D. Tank to the infamous Mammoth tank (which they then apply permanently to Command & Conquer series)..

The game was truely amazing back in those days.. They also have scenarios where you have to complete certain task to win the scenario..

Then about 4 years later, EA and Westwood released Red Alert 2 which the game was brought to a 2.5 dimension..

Old units like the V2 rockets and Mammoth Tanks were given an upgrade and were called V3 rockets and Apocalypse respectively..

There are also new units such as the Prism Tank, the Mirage Tank and of course the totally gay Kirov Airship..

Superweapons are also given the boost in the Allies side; from an Ion Cannon to a Weather Machine.. Man, they love their weather, don't they??

Anyway, The gameplay was awesome, having to plan decisively whether to play offensive or play defensive.. Choose wrongly and say goodbye to your base..

So having a big army doesn't really count much if your strategy stinks..

Now onto the latest and newest version to arrive soon on every countries' shore in October 2008.. This is Red Alert 3..

The story is like this:

After the events in Red Alert 2, the leadership of the doomed Soviet Union devises a plan to travel back in time in order to change history and restore the Soviet Union as a world power.

However, during the mission, something goes quickly and horribly wrong and an alternate timeline is inadvertently created, which alters the technological evolution and creates a new, technologically advanced superpower in the East, known as the Empire of the Rising Sun.

So in this upcoming game, you are now allowed to build your base not only on land but also on sea.. And yes, now most of your units can go on both land and water which is pretty awesome to say the least..

Well, the graphic is stunning, even beat the crap out of Command & Conquer 3.. I like their new idea of building bases on water thingy..

But since now most units have water and land capability, battles at sea will get way intense..

Recently, Gametrailer released an exclusive trailer of Red Alert 3.. The video did show a few units retained from the old Red Alert 2 game like the Kirov Airship and the flak ships..

Kirov airships however is now called War Blimps (Such a lame name change).. Still prefer the Kirov Airship name..

The video also shows a bigger robot spider that can jump from cliffs and land below and also shoot machine guns at units.. I could say that this is an upgrade of the TerrorDrone, though the speed of the new them will go down too..

Well, now you can have fun battling out on sea using all vehicles, not just ships in Red Alert 2..

Also, I noticed that there is one building that they still keep on for the whole 3 Red Alert series which is the Tesla Coil.. That tower will still electrify players to build since they can now be built on water too.. ^^

Anyway, this is what attracted my attention.. Might be the superweapon for the Soviets...

A sucking vortex which exploded later on, killing all units that are sucked into it..

That is like the most gay superweapon ever seen after the ION cannon in C&C3.. it is like someone modified the nuclear weapon to have the sucking vortex effect..

Well, I'm sure to play it since reports in magazines say that for the Empire of the Rising Sun there will be a character in a Seifuku outfit being the hero for the faction..

That is like having Ayano from Kaze No Stigma who will lead an army to fight the Allies and the Soviets..
Don't mind Kazuma, not related to this entry..

But that is just reports.. Not confirmed till EA says so.. But I will still be happy if it was to happen.. XD

Anyway, to thank you for reading this, I will award you with this consolation prize..

A nice prize, yes??


  1. "Hmm.. I loved Red Alert 2, and it's great to hear that it's back with a third game and better graphics, but... with all that good graphics, I think I can barely cope. Would probably be too confusing for me ^^; Might try this game anyway."

    That was what I was about to say, but..



  2. Red Alert series rocks!!! The first RTS that I truly fell in love with.

    In RA, you'll find me playing lots of water-based maps and whoring Cruisers for mass bombardment. In RA2, I'll either have a Kirov Airship rush (always spooks other human players), or a massive prism tank army. I wonder what my play-build would be like in RA3 ^^.

    Guess the next epic RTS will be fought between RA3 and SC2, though RA3 has my share of the pie.

  3. Oh yes forgot to add. In RA2, favourite tactic against AI: 4x Black Eagles (Korean) + 1 Superweapon Weather Control Storm over Construction Yard = GG!! AI too stupid to build another, then slowly take out building by building for victory.

  4. Man RA. Long time since I heard that...in both its meanings.

    Might pick this one up just to have a new game to play. Heh.

  5. I love red alert 2 too. used to play it all the time with friends at LAN cafes. ah those were the days. ^^;

  6. @ mizunaga: Yup, having this new game means that I have a problem since I must now have a new graphic card and a new processor..

    But due to the seifuku news, I've shoved all of that thoughts and will confirm to get this game, with or without those new gadgets.. ^^

    @ hirito: My fav. tactic against AI??

    Sending Tanya and a squad of navy seals to the enemy base, covered by 4 veteran Prism tanks and 4 harrier jets and blow the base to ruins..

    @ panther: I will get this game after I upgrade my pc.. Goodbye $$$.. -_-"

    @ gordon: Yea, those were the good old days.. A group of 7(including me) either fighting against ourselves or we band together to fight 2 Super Brutal AIs.. Worth our money..

  7. Oh, man, you awaiting this title too? I loved red alert, although my favourite tactic was good ol' brute force: A massive army of apocalypse tanks, backed with an Iron Curtain and 4 Kirovs.

    But the new superweapon seems based off the rift generator in Tiberium Wars. Only now with an explosive effect.

    And at any rate, it'll be good to break out da conscripts again, if just for nostalgia.

  8. great read, i'd backlinked this post on my blog as well.


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