25 May 2008

Blogger 2nd Outing at La Tendo and Bugis

Yesterday, Panther organised our 2nd Blogger Outing to La Tendo and PriceMart at Kallang Leisure Park and also to Bugis for some arcade fun...

There are 2 groups that will gather together later on.. First up was the group that was to meet at Raffles City at 3pm:


Although there were latecomers, Panther decided not to knee-strike them since he had a fun time at KKnM.. ^^

Then there was the 2nd group, the latecomers-due-to-valid-reasons...

Weijie (late due to work)
Hanif (may be late due to work)
CK (late meet due to school)
Raven (late meet)

In this outing however, no one bought any figurines, though I noticed some did pre-order one or 2 figurines (Don't remember who)..

After about 1 hour window shopping at La Tendo, we went for some arcade fun, 1st at the one in KLP, then on to Bugis 2 hours later..

There, Akabane and Squee went to play Otomedius..

While me and Wcloudx played Gundam Zeon..

Panther on the other hand played World Combat (teh pro in that too 0.0 ) and then played SC3..

After some fun playing games and also watching someone else play ( including the 2 unknown guys who gay-button-mashed the DJ Revolution machine. ), we ate our dinner at a foodcourt nearby before heading home..

Today, there will be a Outing 2.1 (StreetFest edition).. Pics coming up soon..


  1. Think I saw you ppl

    Was wondering how to get to La Tendo yesterday. Your group provided us an easy solution (its called follow teh crowd!) ^_^

  2. abao, did u took bus 16? the bus that take forever to come and when it eventually came, everyone was squeezing like sardines?

  3. Yep :)

    If you see 2 person in Singtel Shirt and another in Red/White stripes, that'll will be me and my friends.

  4. T_T I need to start looking for otaku friends in Malaysia...

  5. @ abao: I think I saw one of you in the red shirt.. But I was busy chatting with Panther and the rest to take further notice..

    Anyway, sorry for the late reply.. Too busy planning about the StreetFest..

    @ mizunaga: You can try start a recruitment drive to have a Malaysian group..

    But if all else fails you can still join us in Singapore.. ^^

  6. The hell Bao? You should have asked "hey, you those otaku from DC.com that came here today for the outing lol?" Yeah that would turn some heads and get us introduced real quick.

  7. Mizunaga,
    u can look for setsun-san. he seems to be in need of otaku company. ^^;

  8. Ok after I thought about it some more I remember seeing Bao and his friends and thinking, "This group looks like they are from DC.com". 3 of you together right?

  9. @Panther:
    Yep, that was what my friend was sorta telling me when we were waiting for 16. ^_^


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