22 May 2008

Beautiful Pictures Using N82

Just came back after going to Clementi for my lunch.. Went with my dad's new Nokia N82 phone and test out some shots at the Clementi stadium..

Wanted to try it out since the phone has a 5 MGPx camera, better than mine and somehow better than the family camera which has 6 MGPx lens..

So took 2 pictures of the stadium before the afternoon heat took a toll on me..

I also took some pictures of the neighbourhood from my family's home.. Kinda have to learn more on how to take a great picture in night mode.. ^^

The view of West Mall has been blocked by the condominium after its completion a few years ago (the one beside the MRT station)..

But it is thanks to the N82 for the beautiful pictures than my K630i phone.. But I still love mine since it can play mp3 songs pretty well..
Character in picture is Aegis from Persona 3 game..

Well, I might be thinking of persuading my dad to lend me the phone to take some pictures during the StreetFest event.. Hope that will happen since chances of success is 35.43%.. -_-"


  1. I now know where you live ^w^

  2. @ squee: Haha, good deduction squee.. But you still do not know which floor I lived on.. ^^

  3. Cool pictures you got there. Really nice.

    I must've been half-asleep to have missed this post on my last visit. ;;>_>

  4. @ mizunaga: Thanks.. Actually tose were just dry runs so that I can take better pictures during the StreetFest..

    Wonder if my dad allows me to lend me his phone again??

  5. the night shots looks pretty good for a camera phone. though a bit blur and noisy.

  6. @ gordon: Yea, I noticed that too.. I've got a long way to learn how to take a very good pic, day and night.. -_-"


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