01 June 2008

Hatsune Mix Vol1 Chap4

Finally, a new month has just arrived and finally I can tell you that this month will be fun and exciting.. ^^

A new month also means that I can show you the next chapter of Hatsune Mix, which I have taken a liking to since the release of its 1st chapter..

Anyway, back to Chapter 4.. The story starts off as Hatsune Miku is introduced to the class of a school by Meiko.. Hatsune has now become a music teacher where she can sing any songs that the students want..

However, 2 mischievious boys decided to play a trick on Hatsune by asking her to sing the school's anthem which was just released by the school itself..

Hatsune, thinking it was a no problem, tried to scan through her song database.. Unfortunately, the song was nowhere to be found..

While trying to find the song, she over-exhausted herself, causing her to faint..

When Hatsune woke up, she was back home in an undisclosed location.. Rin and Len told Miku-chan that the new song of the school anthem have not been uploaded to the song database since well, its new..

Another reason is that Wat-kun, the professor is too busy to upload the song into the database..

However, Miku didn't want to let such thing stop her from singing..

Although she tried her best, Miku couldn't sing the song.. This causes her to give up..

When she returned to school, Miku told the whole class that she would prefer to do something else instead of singing..

However, before she was about to complete her sentence, she was stopped abruptly by Rin and Len who communicated with Miku through her headset..

They told her that the school's anthem is finally uploaded into the song database.. But heres the twist, it wasn't Rin or Len who uploaded the song.. The ones who did it were the students Miku taught in school..

Miku-chan, feeling very happy to what the students did for her, finally snapped out from her deep thoughts by one of the students..

The student asked Miku to sing the school anthem together with the whole class which Miku oblidged while Rin and Len looked at the whole lot from another room, knowing that they have accomplished in cheering up Hatsune Miku..

Well, firstly, I'm very happy that someone scanned and uploaded the latest Hatsune Mix manga on the internet.. I thought no one will do it.. Mizunaga will sure to love this good news..

The good thing is that Chapter 5 is already out from Comic Rush.. Might post about it in the next month or at best later this month.. Will now go and read Hatsune Mix chapter 5.. ^^


  1. wah you reallie very active in blogging!!! i jus put up a comment and now i see a new post!!

  2. EPIC! O.O

    DDL LINK PL0X. ^^

  3. @ benji: Well, You might be the first to read this entry..

    I'm blogging for the fun of it and to hsare what I know to the community..

    @ C.I.: Sure, just visit this website.. ^^


    Don't worry, no pron..

  4. Mizunaga will sure to love this good news..

    LOL. Yes, this is great news indeed! ^^

  5. @ mizunaga: Im glad that you loved it.. Will post about chapter 5 soon.. ^^


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