01 September 2008

Singapore Cosplay Matsuri 2008

Another month passes by and another event was organised, this time it is the Singapore Cosplay Matsuri 2008 held at VivoCity yesterday.. Music Matsuri which took place the day before was meh, and since it was raining quite badly, there weren't any huge crowd gathering around the stage..

So anyway, going back to Cosplay Matsuri.. It is one of the events when cosplayers come together and showcase their repective characters that they are cosplaying as.. From D.Grayman to Bleach to Fate/Stay Night.. ^^

Even though the cosplay competition starts at 4pm, the cosplayers were already at the event place as early as 12pm.. The place was packed with cosplayers, photographers, random ppl and families by 2.30pm..

So I took the liberty to take some shots of the cosplayers during the Cosplay Matsuri.. Without further ado, I shall let you see the pics.. Can you try guessing some of the characters they are cosplaying?? xD
Well, other than just cosplayers, there was someone who brought his figma collection to the event and take some shots of them..
There were figma Konata, Fate and Nanoha..
Last but not least we have the special figma Suzumiya Haruhi on her own bike.. How cool is that?? ^^
My dad's N82's battery life at this point of time (4.30pm) was at critical mode.. I decided to take every single cosplayers, new or old with the N82 before it goes dead, which it did in 1.5 hours time.. -_-"

So with that, lets continue on with the cosplay gallery..
Nosebleed.. xD

As the Cosplay Competition began at about 4.30pm(delayed), I was still taking my own sweet time taking more shots of the cosplayers.. I noticed there was a chibi Deidara cosplayed by a 9 year old girl...
Yes, you heard me right.. It is a 9-year-old girl, cosplaying.. Now that is pretty awesome..

Ok, here is what you have been waiting for; LOLI HARUHI..

Well, my bro, Infestor51 said that she will be coming for the cosplay event in her Haruhi costume.. However, I did not expect her to be wearing a Nekomimi accessories.. Nuff said, lets just see the pictures.. ^^
Loli Haruhi with her figma counterpart.. xD
Well, thats all ihave to post for this entry of Singapore Cosplay Matsuri 2008.. If you want to see more pictures, you can do so by visiting my Photobucket Site.. Thanks again for visiting my website.. I hope you enjoyed it.. ^^

It is a Pity that I didn't get to meet Ruby-san during the Music and the Cosplay Matsuri.. But I heard from my friend that she was cosplaying goth Asuka from EVA.. I hope that is her..

Until then, have fun during the September School Holidays everyone.. ^^


  1. WAHAHA!! i din went in the end.. had to chiong my programming project n din have time to cosplay on the matsuri.. =x so sorry to disappoint u >.<;; n btw.. im doing the uniform version.. not the goth version.. might do tt version in the future if i have time to sew my costumes.. too many plans n sch work flooded.. will do EVA on the sept CosCon de.. guarantee + chop!

  2. woo. another event... im so missing out

    didn't know there was an event.. :(

    thanks for those photos! what! bringing toys to shoot! so yesterday! LOL!

  3. Ok who was the guy with the Figma? OWN UP.

  4. @ Ruby: Aww.. I thought I will get to see you in action.. Well, it is a pity you missed out such a good event..

    It seems that I will get to see you in the upcoming CosCon during the Games Convention Asia 08.. I like to see you cosplaying.. ^^

    @ Anonymous Coward: No problem.. I love to share some good (in lousy quality) pictures with others..

    It seems that I was the only photographer for Team Blue in this event.. >_<;;

    @ Panther: If I could recall it was a Allen Walker cosplayer who brought the figmas.. ^^

  5. OKAY. LOL. Saito. ^^;
    His outfit looks okay, but his hair should have been waaaay longer.

    And the one who brought the figmas.. pretty smart, because all the cosplayers in the background help make the figma "less out of place". Sort of.

  6. haha sorry to disappoint u in this event.. =x hopefully by coscon can finish my costume ba~ XD

  7. only 1? ah.. you never round up everyone to go together! lol

  8. woah! this was the even everyone was talking about in IRC? cool! how old is haruhi anyway? ^^

  9. The event is really badly done. Weather was not even on their side. On my end, my camera is equally screwed up. I think I showed you how bad the lens was on Sunday.

    My verdict, bad enough for me not to blog about it. I rather delicate my time to blog about Comex 2008.

  10. @ Mizunaga: Agreed.. His hair does look abit shorter than the anime/manga counterpart.. But hey, at least he did quite alrite with the costume..

    @ Ruby: Its alrite.. I know you are busy with school.. Anyway, I wont miss out the upcoming CosCon.. So many cosplay convention this month.. xD

    @ Anonymous Coward: No what I mean is that I was the only one with an available camera to take pictures of the cosplayers.. They did attend the event which is better than none.. ^^

    @ k: Im not sure.. Judging by looks maybe 15-17 years old?? Not good at guessing ppl's age.. -_-"

    @ Raven: Yeah, I saw how badly damaged your camera lens was.. You ought to get it repaired for another upcoming CosCon..

  11. I bet its water from that day's photo taking in the rain about a week back or due to the cleaning liquid which I did not dry off properly

  12. how do you join cosplay??


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