28 September 2008

Smexy September Figure Shoot

Looking at my whole figure collection, I was thinking real hard.. "What figure should I bring for the figure shoot?" was my initial thought.. I didn't know what to bring for the latest Team Blue figure shoot..

Well, at least we decided on the location a few days before the figure shoot.. We've decided to do so at Sembawang Beach at Sembawang Park.. Its located at the northern part of Singapore with a great view of Johore.. ^^
Back to figurine, the reason for me deciding so long was that I didn't own any beach-related figurines (I want to but its due to my parents not liking those one bit..) since the theme was "Beach" this September..

However, since I do not own any beach-related figures, I've decided to bring along Figma Hatsune Miku along..
Yeah, even though I didn't have the time to review her yet, I still brought her along to the shoot because she is more suitable than the other figurines/figmas I have at home..

Another reason is that Squee aka Sam brought along the Detroit Metal City (DMC) gang to the figure shoot.. So bringing along Figma Miku with her accessories suits both of us well.. ^^
While the DMC gang prep themselves for a concert later, Figma Miku sing up a few songs for us, borrowing a DMC guitar in the process.. xD
While Miku and the DMC gang prep fully for a concert, I took the liberty to walk to where Jon aka Wcloudx, Panther and DS were.. They were taking some beach shots with their figurines..

One of them is Al Azif, brought by Jon..
And here we have Dead Snake's Nendo Puchi Frog Mikuru.. Kawaii~~
Then we have Panther's Mitsuki Hayase.. Very smexy indeed.. ^^
Chibihien brought his figurine along for the figure shoot too; Reinforce Zwei.. Very MOE indeed..
Another shot of Reinforce Zwei..
Now it is time for...


After a few minutes of preparations, they are ready to rock out with all their might.. We found a stage big enough for the concert to begin..
We have the Hatsune Miku together with the DMC gang; Johannes Krauser II the leader of DMC, Camus the drummer and Alexander Jagi, DMC's bassist..
We could see Miku being the lead singer for the day, raising one of her hands high while holding the mic stand..
On the left we could see Alexander Jagi rocking on with his Bass guitar..
We have Camus playing greatly with the drums.. ^^
While on the right we have Johannes Krauser II singing along with Hatsune Miku.. ^^
The Team Blue members were eagerly away taking pictures of the concert.. Nobody wants to miss such good concert.. ^^
From left; Jon(Wcloudx), Chibihien (In black), Dead Snake and Sam(Squee)..

More shots of the concert..
Nendo Puchi Frog Mikuru also joined in the fun, much to the dismay of Panther.. xD
Hatsune Miku then did the unthinkable, she went upside down and sang another song for us..
It was not only awesome, it was totally superb.. We didnt expect Miku to do that anyway.. The good thing is is that the mic that she is holding on still stays when she went upside-down..
Even though the concert was fun, it was abit annoying to Nanoha who was passing by.. She didnt like the music so much that she aimed her Blaster at the concert..
A close-up shot of the target pointer..
Although Nanoha readied herself for the attack, the guards came in the nick of time and arrested her..

Well, more pictures of the concert..
Following DMC's tradition, it was nice listening to Miku doing her "10 MIKUs per second" -_-;;
Due to Miku going upside-down for so long, the DMC gang joined in the fun..
So did Mikuru-chan.. xD
Wow, we didnt expect this to happened.. Looks what Miku has caught.. o.O
A Close-Up of the incident.. -_-;;
Well, the concert must go on.. Miku didnt seemed that bothered about the snake at the *Ehemm*.. xD
The whole shot of the Detroit Miku City.. ^^
After that the concert ends with loud applause from the crowd, including the 8 of us that were there.. Anyway, the snake was caught by the pest control and brought to the zoo.. No animal was harm during the concert..

Before the whole group left, they did a signature move;
Well, you guessed it right.. It's the..
Well, it has been a fun time at the Sembawang Beach.. We were there from 4pm - 7pm.. The 3 hours worth of figure shoots + the concert was well worth it.. The pictures weren't much but hey at least we get to enjoy it..

For more pictures of the figure shoot you can visit my Photobucket album here.. Or you can visit Panther's site for his figure review of Mitsuki Hayase here..


  1. lol @ the snake. Seems like one heck of a concert, especially with the leek- I mean, 1337 drummer.

    Great outing, wonder what I should bring to the next day shoot.


    That little green shit is everywhere.

    By the way I took no shots of that concert. Yay.

  4. tragic comedy1:15 PM

    thats totally awesome shit

  5. awesome pictures! looks like you had fun

  6. rofl ! nice pics, luv the Miku and Mikuru



    and oh.. your parents are strongly against bikini figures? OH MY luckily.. I almost.. I almost.. did some weird pant* *tshirt for you.

    Ok.. damn lucky. ANYWAYS! remember to view the contents of the package discreetly first.


  8. looks like fun. too bad i couldn't be there...

  9. Encore!!!
    Miku! Miku!!
    Cool pictures and great concert. (Mitsuki Hayase pictures are awesome too!!)

  10. Wow, never though that frog suit Mikuru could 'stand' upside down. And LOL @ FACEPALM.JPG!

  11. @ Everyone: Thanks for your comments.. I hope you all enjoyed this entry pretty well.. I will do my best making a figure review of Figma Hatsune Miku.. ^^

  12. chibihien2:31 PM

    If this shoot was slightly delayed... we would have another imba guitarist in the form of figma Nagato Yuki (witch version)

  13. @ Chibihien: Gosh.. You could have told one of us earlier so that maybe we can slightly delay for Nagato Yuki to come and join the DMC crew.. ^^

  14. chibihien7:16 PM


    i don't think that would please the banchou


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