16 September 2008

Lonely September Cleaning

Another season sets in and I am feeling abit stressed out.. Apparently I cant find my receipts for the GSC 1/8 Hatsune Miku and 1/8 Beats Haruka.. Thinking they might be in the piles of rubbish books/files, I went ahead to start my first Autumn-Cleaning..

But looking at that makes me decide that I had to clear up any trash so that I wont misplace anything else in the future..

Man, that looks messed up..

Well, it wasn't hard getting those junks out of my shelf.. The hard part was sorting out the real trash from the rest..
Among those trash I did find some stuff worth keeping, for a longer while that is.. One example is this; a guide book for the Singapore Toys & Comic Convention and 2 Tofu-man toys..
Wanted to give the toys away but there were no takers.. Pity.. Well, if anyone wants it you can PM me via chatbox..

Next up is these 2 Granado Espada Invitation Card.. Yeah, you heard me right.. These cards were given for the launch of the game how many moooons ago.. The launch party was held at Zouk and well, I didnt get to enjoy the party..
The contents of the envelopes... The card was well-made.. Too bad the game didn't catch on with everyone, thought the OST was good.. ^^
Now BEHOLD, I recently discovered my very old book back in the primary school days.. It was my Gamefaqs of the old days.. Back then, friends kept asking me the cheat codes for alot of games.. This was my secret weapon back then.. xD

Well for example, I scanned this page filled with Age of Empires 2 cheats.. Well, I doubt anyone is still playing this game when there is AOE3..
So after sorting the trash from the rest, I placed the trash into the plastic bag provided.. Well, the trash filled up about 3 small trash bags..

Seriously, I just realised that I have been keeping too much junks in the house.. x.X
I did summon help from Sword Impulse and Force Impulse to do the sorting for me.. Doing all this work all by myself will take hours to accomplish.. xD
After 1 hour of mass cleaning and sorting and with the help of the Impulses, I have finally managed to clear up alot of spaces from the shelf..
This means that I have enough space to place my figmas, especially Figma Hatsune Miku.. Well, thats all I have for today.. And yeah, I finally found my 2 receipts for the 2 figures.. ^^

So how about you?? Do you do your Annual Cleaning of your room?

As for now, I think I better take a rest from all of that work.. Too much energy was drained during the 1 hour period.. :(


  1. I have a bigger mess in need of cleaning up XD

  2. my room is all messed up. I'm too lazy to clean, I keep thinking I'll be moving in like 2-3 months. so... everything is just not right now.. haaaaaa

    HEY TO-FU MAN! your giving away! I needs! Gimme!!!!!!!! GIMMEHHHHHHH!

  3. That Miku picture is amazing. I need to pose mine for a pic like that.

    BTW, it is interesting how many random things you find. I found stuff from like...7 years ago...when I was cleaning. At the bottom of stacks of things.

  4. lol! those notes of cheat code remind me my old notebook that fulfill with gaming tricks.

    Anyway, I usually don't clean my room unless there's a cockroach come to visit me, just kidding lol!.

  5. Anonymous9:45 AM

    You just reminded me that I need to clear out my closet and straighten up my desk. I don't mind the tofu man, seeing as I didn't bother to register back then.

  6. I was at the GE Zouk party lolol.

    My stuff is almost always clean, but yea sometimes they go mysteriously missing too despite a very clean room. Then again I hardly have stuff that I want to keep most of the time.

  7. @ Everyone: Well, everyone has a messy room to begin with.. Its whether you have the will to go clean up the mess..

    I on the other hand got forced by my mum to do so.. >_<

    @ Anonymous Coward: Yeah, I am giving them out for free.. Since you want it, we need to arrange a time and place to do the transaction.. Any ideas? ^^

    @ ClearTranquil: Wow 7 years.. Mine was only at max 3 years ago.. All thanks to my mum for reminding me to clean my room once in awhile.. xD

    @ Kozta-Boom: Yeah, that cheat book is pretty old.. I think it has served its purpose for quite a long time ago..

    All the cheats are for games intended for Windows ME and below.. o.O

    @ Feidamu: Gladly appreciated.. ^^

    @ Panther: Stuffs going missing in a clean room is a rarity.. But yeah, it does happened once in a blue moon..

    GE Zouk Party was meh.. But I went there for freebies.. :P

  8. let me think of something. I can't show myself...

    I need to find a mask, get back to you.

  9. Anonymous8:29 PM

    LOL, AoE3 is also quite old already.

  10. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Gimme a To-Fu too! I want!

    Lol, I have the Be@arBricks but no idea what to do with them

  11. I WANT TOFU MAN TOO! orz

    Cleaning.. room?
    *looks around*

    Muri da. My room is way too messy, and has too much junk. O_O

  12. Oh no!! This reminds me my anual cleaning day its gonna be in a few days!!!....nnooooooo!!!!

    Anyway, ensure to do some recicle, ok?¿

  13. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Is that Miku? Nyaa i wanna have those!


  15. @ Kairumaru: Yeah, thats the Nendo Miku.. Its a must have for alot of people.. ^^

    @ Anonymous Coward: Hmm, it seems that you have some challengers.. xD

    Well, just kidding.. Since you asked first you can have it.. I need you to meet me though, masked or not.. ^^;;

  16. I don't clean my room, I live in the living room XD But yeah I do weekly or biweekly cleaning depending on how much dust collects all over the computer area.

  17. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Yo Fariz nii-chan! First comment on your blog~
    Bleh, at least yours is just the shelf, I need to clean my whole room from time to time, and I think it would need more than 3 plastic bags...>.<
    Well, haha, the Age Of Empire brought back memories. It was actually a nice game, until it lagged when I had too many soldiers...

    And, nice front pic of this post! That makes me want to get my L. Lawliet nendoroid more...>w<
    Good thing you got to find the 2 cheques though. ^_~

  18. @ Konchi: Haha.. Thanks for visiting my blog Kona-chan.. Greatly appreciate it.. ^^

    Well, the truth is that I share my bedroom with my brother, Infestor51 so we do our own cleaning.. So it took me only 3 plastic bags.. If I do own the room all to myself, it will take more than that.. xD

    Thanks.. Hope you can find the Nendo L.. Heard its still in stock.. All the best.. ^^


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