05 September 2008

Figma Tohsaka Rin Preview

Front View

A few days ago, I got a msg from Wcloudx aka Jon aka KoF, saying that my figma Tohsaka Rin from Max Factory has arrived at his house.. So I went to collect it from him last Monday and got home to play around with her.. Being alone for 1 month holiday isn't much fun, really.. x.X

So overall, I find figma Rin quite interesting, having said that she has her rune-hand and those small discs she is holding in between her fingers.. (Look below)
Right Side View

I have yet to try every pose she can do judging by the back cover of the box.. Her fighting style is quite amazing.. I think I need more time to see what other poses she can do other than what is shown.. ^^
Back View

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I did say that I received my figma Fate from Mahou Shoujo Nanoha series.. Although I played around with her, I didn't get a chance to review her due to school exam a week after I got her..

Such a pity since I saw alot of people reviewed her already..
So by months end, you will be glad to know that I am making a figure review for both figma Fate and figma Rin..
So till then, I shall do some research on pay-hosting for Wordpress.. I seriously need my own Wordpress page..

For a start, here is a preview of the figure review of figma Rin..



  1. This Rin is certainly looks better than the Fraulein one, but I haven't got attached to F/SN so I didn't get one. On the other hand I have (hopelessly) fallen for figma Fate before watching the series, and that took me a lot of effort to get. And don't worry about not being able to do review early; I've only done mine not long ago, and would like to see more from others~

    But dear oh dear even you are considering moving to Wordpress? I'm gonna feel lonely how people are slowly abandoning blogger T_T

  2. what no p**tsu shot?!


    paid wordpress.com account? to customize the css? add domain? then with so called limited storage space? unless you pay more? BAH!

    I might have an alternative solution for you. I can provide you the hosting account, give you space and stuffs, but the downside is, if I'm dead, the account will probably be gone too. LOL cos no one is paying the bills. then again you can backup your stuffs. so if I'm dead. you can move elsewhere.. haha

    so! if your interested, let me know. be it for testing, trial or for perm moving. hosting and all is of course free. the only thing to pay for is the domain, which is a yearly thing. which you can buy from the so many registrars out there.

    any queries let me know. you've got my email.

  3. Dood, those are precious stones she's holding. They're infused with mana for her to use them as projectiles.

  4. The last picture.. The angle you took it from makes her look a little weird. ^^;

    Seems like she has lots of interchangeable parts. Is her hair (at the back) always up?

    lol. Don't worry, I'm gonna be staying on blogger. ^^;

  5. @ Mizunaga: I think alot of people mistook it as she is doing a /wrist lol.. Well, its totally my fault since I didn't position the weapon correctly..

    About her hair at the back.. Yup, it is always up.. Its to compensate for you attaching her to the figma stand.. ^^

  6. @AC, yeah why no p*ntsu shot, lol!

    Anyway, as Mizunaga said the angle is looking weird. Don't worry next time you do it better.

  7. @ Kozta-Boom: Yeah, pratice makes perfect.. I will do my best next time.. ^^


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