30 September 2008

Vocaloid Weekly 51 - Road-Rolled by Kagamine Twins

With the weekends taken up by the Smexy September Figure Shoot, I had to delay this entry about Vocaloid Weekly #51.. The shoot was fun but since it was a test for the coming October event (will be revealed soon), I think that it was a success, although most of us who were there didn't really bring a beach-related figurines.. -_-;;

Well, in this week Vocaloid Weekly, we get to see more songs coming in as per usual.. But what you didn't expect is that most of the new songs are actually by the Kagamine Twins.. Yes, you heard me right.. And the weird part is that the Kagamine Twins' songs such as 【鏡音リン】Transmit【オリジナル10】 or 鏡音リン・レン・ミクでオリジナル「きえないひとみ。」PV付き are actually better than some of the songs sung by Hatsune Miku or Kaito..

Without further ado, lets take a look at this week Vocaloid Weekly #51:

Part A:

Part B:

Moving on to some of the songs in Vocaloid Weekly #51:

29 - 【初音ミク】憎悪の欲望【オリジナル】: A very fast-paced songs which will leave you breathless if you try to sing it.. This song by Miku is very catchy and very mesmerizing.. Although it is only 2 mins 45 seconds long, the song is indeed very nice to listen to.. I'm adding this as one of my ringtones.. :P
26 - 【鏡音レン】悪ノ召使【中世物語風オリジナル】: A romantic song sang by the Kagamine Twins.. It pictures the love between Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len.. Well, don't put it as incest, think of it as brother-sister love... Anyway, the duet by the both of them makes this song very lovely and entice you to continue listening to it completely.. I do love the background pictures, very nice indeed.. ^^
25 - 初音ミクdeオリジナル曲「僕ラノセカイ」-Ver.1.0(旧版): A rock song by Hatsune Miku.. The beat is awesome and I love how the drum is played.. And Miku sounds nice singing this song, I must thank the person who made this song.. ^^ This song is perfectly fit for an anime OP truthfully.. I like this song and I added it to my mp3 collection..
17 - 【初音ミク】BRIGHT RAiN【オリジナル】: A very beautiful trance song by Hatsune Miku.. The song is very catchy while the beat to the song is great.. A hip song for those who like something to dance along.. This song can also cheer a person up.. I got stuck to this song after listening to it.. Its now played like 200 times since its showcase on Vocaloid Weekly #51.. ^^
12 - 【VOCALOID数十人分】 春日通り 【オリジナル】: A very lovely song sung by the original Vocaloid family, including Gackpoid.. The slow but mesmerizing song is well made plus it is a so-called "family" song, it is a rarity to have that.. I do love the picture of the whole gang together.. A very memorable song indeed.. ^^

Now let us move on to the TOP 3 songs in this week Vocaloid Weekly:

3rd Place - 初音ミクオリジナル曲 「Θ」: As stated in last week Vocaloid Weekly, I still find this song abit weird.. I seriously didn't find this song catchy or interesting.. The instruments playing in the background are rather annoying in a sense.. Other than that, the girl is just cute.. xD
2nd Place - VOCALOIDでニコニコ動画流星群【完成版】: As expected for this song since its been on TOP spot for the past couple of days.. But I don't mind, this song is still nice to listen to even after many times due to its variety of songs in it.. I also like the pictures and animations inside it as it somewhat fits each different type of songs perfectly except for the "Yatta!" song.. xD Well, you never know it might go back up again in rankings? ^^
1st Place - 【鏡音リン】Transmit【オリジナル10】: Congratulations to this song sung by Kagamine Rin.. This song is great to listen to and its the song is superbly well-made.. I love the chorus as it is very catchy and the tune will let you enjoy the song even when you are feeling down.. It is good to see one of the Kagamine Twins song in the TOP spot after such a long time.. Who knows, this song will stay on for another week? You never know.. ^^

It is a pity the new songs by Hatsune Miku and Kaito were abit disappointing.. I expected them to be good as previous Hatsune Miku and Kaito songs.. But I don't mind such disappointment since there are such good songs still in the rankings like 【初音ミク】BRIGHT RAiN【オリジナル】 and 初音ミクdeオリジナル曲「僕ラノセカイ」-Ver.1.0(旧版).. Those songs are awesome..

Well, lets take a look at this week Top Winner & 1 best song of the week:

17 - 【初音ミク】BRIGHT RAiN【オリジナル】

1st Place - 【鏡音リン】Transmit【オリジナル10】

For more info, you can visit the NicoVideo site..

Well, this sums up this week Vocaloid Weekly #51.. I would like to apologize for posting this entry late again due to the Smexy September figure shoot with Detroit Miku City (DMC).. =3

Now I shall continue to use my time to make more upcoming entries for 2morrow and the day after that due to Hari Raya festival.. I will be too busy to blog on those 2 days so doing so now will be better..

I will report on the Vocaloid Weekly #52 in the days to come.. Hope it will not be late again.. :D


  1. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Actually,26 is the second part of 3 songs,that all follow the same story (but different views of it)
    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-ghPx-A-O0
    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkm4kIBrh0w
    and last part http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7CP6NGUuVg

    looking forward to VW#52 ^_^

  2. @ Najica: Wow.. Thanks for sharing the infos.. I like those songs.. Quite unique I might say.. ^^

  3. Sorry for takin' so long to thank you for these:

    "Thank you."



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