31 August 2008

Happy Birthday Hatsune Miku!!

Celebrating Hatsune Miku's birthday with a Big Bang!!

Today is a very wonderful moment for every Miku fans out there.. Today marks the birthday for Hatsune Miku.. To be precise, it is her 1st birthday according to the year she was born into this world (2007)..

It has been 1 whole since she was born as a voice synthesizer program where people could just use her voice to make songs that they composed.. However, most of us didn't think she would become very famous unlike Kaito and Meiko; the 2 characters from Vocaloid 1 voice synthesizer series..

Well, since then, alot of songs have been made using the program.. She is now very famous, even in the shores of tiny Singapore.. I could have sworn some random person was wearing it during CosFest.. xD

This year have been a great year for Hatsune Miku, may the next be even better! I don’t know what to say, other than Happy Birthday Miku! Your voice cheer me up when I am feeling down and also entertain me with those nice melodies when I go to and from school by train.. A million thanks for everything Miku!! ^^
A token of appreciation by the Miku Guardian..

Other than just words, every Vocaloid's music listeners do know that a new song was just released yesterday by the OSTER Project team.. They made a song, 【初音ミク】8月の花嫁【オリジナル曲】 / 【Miku Hatsune】August Bride 【Original Song】 which coincides with Hatsune Miku's birthday..

The song is pretty amazing and the best thing is is that the song became the winner of Nico Nico Douga’s Daily Ranking... According to Kevinay, The makers of the Weekly VOCALOID Ranking in Nico Nico Douga is making a Yearly Annual VOCALOID Ranking.. They’ll begin counting the points as of tonight...
Anyway, here is the song:

【初音ミク】8月の花嫁【オリジナル曲】 / 【Miku Hatsune】August Bride 【Original Song】

Miku's birthday is filled with many surprises this week, from the GT Car to the Announcement of the Hatsune Miku Project DIVA to the Release of the "Re:Packaged" music album to last but not least the Announcement of the figma Hatsune Miku.. Those are one heck of a surprise.. xD
Miku community showing some love for Hatsune Miku..

Back to the Hatsune Miku Project DIVA, apparently Sega has finally opened the official site for the game.. Currently, it is laggy to go into the domain due to very very high traffic..

Well, you can visitthe site via the link I've shown which is at "
So what can we see more for Hatsune Miku's birthday? Well, I will post more pictures with Miku celebrating her birthday.. New about the opening of the Project DIVA website is also a good news to blog about.. And speaking of figures, I hoping to get Figma Hatsune Miku during September.. ^^


  1. Happy Birthday Miku!! Cheers!!

  2. HBD to Miku-chan!! Let's get some beers. ^^

  3. Woooo! Happy Birthday. I ordered a figma already (waiting for orders to open on another site so I can get another). I'm also getting project diva when it comes out. This is great. Miku is taking over the world.

  4. happy birthday miku. ^^;

  5. Miku's birthday seems like a freaking international holiday from the number of blogs talking about it haha.

    Happy birthday Miku.

  6. Happy birthday miku!!

  7. @ everyone: Thanks for wishing her Happy Birthday!! She is very happy to have such good fans out here.. ^^

    @ ClearTranquil: Wow, you are purchasing 2 figma Mikus? Thats pretty awesome.. >_<

  8. Happy Birthday Miku! ^^ Make sure you do your job well as the Miku Guardian, Asuka :P

  9. @ Mizunaga: Ok, WILL DO SIR!! ^^


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