09 September 2008

Hatsune Mix Vol1 Chap6

After waiting for 2 months, I finally got the latest Hatsune Mix (Chap 6).. This month marks as a good month, or to some, the Hatsune Miku's Month to release the Hatsune Mix manga..

Well, let us get into business.. ^^

For this month's Hatsune Mix, Miku is seen quarreling with Kaito over getting the gang a new computer because they are having a lot of problem with the Vocaloid program using their old computer (Seriously old, with CRT monitor)..
Even as Miku begged at Kaito to do so, he would not agree to it.. As a result, Miku felt angry and went into cyberspace in search of a new owner that have a very nice computer with good specifications..

She left in a rush, without saying any goodbyes or whatsoever to Kaito or the Kagamine Twins..
The first person Miku spotted to have a good computer specs is no other than Meiko.. Miku tried her best to introduce herself but judging by Meiko's drunkenness, it wasn't a good way to start..

Look what she did to Poor MIKU!! :(
Anyway, other than just the usual appearance of the standard Vocaloid team, there are also special appearance by Akita Neru as a pre-school teacher..
And Yowane Haku as one of the pre-schoolers.. Kawaii~~
Anyway, due to so many misfortune happened as Miku travelled around the world through cyberspace, she decided enough is enough.. She went back to the Vocaloid gang, however in a dreadful state..
This feels like "The Ring"..

So what happened after that? Well, you have to go read it to find out.. ^^

Well, that sums up this month's Hatsune Mix manga.. Hope you will get to read it since its available online.. I heard that Hatsune Mix 7 & 8 are also up and running.. I will get more info about those before I post them..

Till then, to those people taking exams this week, good luck.. ^^


  1. Loli Haku is MOE.

    I'm surprised Akita wasn't depicted as being tsuntsun at all here.

    I'm also surprised Kei acknowledged those two as "official" characters. Who knows, maybe he'll introduce Teto next.

  2. @ TheFuzzy: YES! Loli Haku is MOE! ^^

    Well, at least Kei made them appear in his very own manga, even if it was under just 1 comic.. Well, as you said, he might introduce other characters too..


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