08 September 2008

Max Factory Figma Fate Testarossa

Well, it has been a month since I got her and finally I got a chance to review Figma Fate.. Well, here goes nothing..

This is Fate T. Harlaown from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. I would like to apologize beforehand for the low quality images.. And I seriously screwed up on the lighting, so it’s not as bright as it could’ve been...

I got to play around with her, equipping her with different weapons that comes with her.. As per usual, Figma Fate comes with 5 pairs of hands, one side is the normal glove she usually wear and the other side is the metallic glove..
Instead of using my dad's N82, I used my old Olympus FE-270 camera to take pictures of her.. Reason is because that the camera has a macro function which works way better than the N82 (but fails in normal shots ^^;;)..
Fate in full view..

It has been like a full 2 months since I touched the Olympus camera because it has failed me alot of time during cosplay events which has pictures becoming too blurry to see..
Close-Up of Fate.. Very pretty indeed.. xD

Side-View of Fate.. Still adjusting the lighting on her.. ^^


I particularly like the cape that comes with her.. Apparently there is a small special contraption which you attach to the stand so that it can hold the cape up in place while Fate is fighting..
I like the flow of the cape.. Very unique..

Frontal View of Fate..

Back View of Fate..

Close-Up on Fate.. She looks way cooler with her cape on.. ^^


Now here is where things get interesting.. Figma Fate comes with 2 weapons, the interchangeable Bardiche head (Harken Form), and the Bardiche Assault weapon (Zamber Form)..

First up, let us see Fate wielding the Bardiche head in Harken Form.. A pretty cool-looking scythe which she used as one of her many skills in the anime as well as the recent game, "Magical Battle Arena"..
"Becareful where you point that camera!! You might get hurt pointing the camera too close to my weapon."

"What are you staring at?? Get LOST!!"

I took a liking to Fate's interchangeable face and front portion of her hair.. Changing from a nice and friendly look to a more Battle-Cry facial expression says it all..
Close-Up of Fate in Battle Mode..

Now onto her next weapon, the Bardiche Assault weapon in Zamber Form.. One word to explain everything about the weapon, EPIC!!
The sword is like 1.5 times Fate's height and looking at the weapon itself, I thought that she might not be able to hold the sword upright.. But as I equip the weapon to her, it seems that my guess were wrong..

Now, Fate is now has that GAR feeling when she is holding the Zamber sword..

This sword shall pierce through the heavens!!

Well, thats all I have for my figure review on Figma Fate.. Although the image quality is lousy, I did manage to learn how to set to the correct camera settings to get the best picture, for my camera that is..

Well, this is not the end of this week figure review as I still have Figma Tohsaka Rin to review..

Company: Max Factory
Price: SGD$45 (including shipping)
Purchase from: Hobby Search
Camera used: Olympus FE-270

Be sure to see a review of Figma Tohsaka Rin pretty soon.. ^^


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Fate-san doesn't tell you to get lost. If you're a shouta or a loli, she'll hug you to death, if you're not, she'll beat you to death.

  2. @ feidamu: Ahhhh!! I'm neither one of them.. I am so gonna get hurt real bad.. >_<

  3. You did a pretty good job with the shots. I think you might want to be a bit more careful about how you pose her legs though. ^^;

  4. can I have some pa**su shots :(

  5. @ Mizunaga: Oopps.. O.O I didn't know it was bad till you told me.. Lol, I should really be careful next time.. >_<

    @ Anonymous Coward: I wanted to but Fate was swinging her weapong around so I fear for my safety lol.. xD

  6. Nice photoshoot! I had a rather hard time on getting mine, but it's worth the effort! I don't mind if I got zapped and slashed; I'm just really happy to have her now~

    Due to the fact that I didn't get mine easy, I dare not to move mine around too much as I heard some people have theirs broken on wrists and other delicate areas. Be careful with yours too!

  7. @ Q: NO WAI!! Darn.. I think I need to be extra careful when I play around with my figmas.. Anyway, thanks for the info Q.. And thanks for visiting my blog.. ^^

  8. Anonymous1:57 AM

    i actually spotted a paint defect on yours like bj0rn's. Check out the 2 gold triangles on yours. They're silver when they're supposed to be gold =XXX

  9. @ Anonymous: Ouh yeah.. No wonder I sense something was amiss.. Thanks for the info, whoever you are.. ^^

    But overall, I think those small triangles can be unnoticeable to some ppl.. xD


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