20 September 2008

Uber Loots from Games Convention Asia 08

After a few hours coming back from the 2nd day of Games Convention Asia (GCA) 2008, I managed to sort out the loots from all the freebies me and my brother got during the games convention.. Well, this is pretty much what we got for the past 2 days, ranging from games to stationary..

Our parents got a shock when we brought home the freebies.. First up, we got these games from just registering our names to get the pass for public access.. Standard procedure which just began this year..
Anyway, games above; Tabula Rasa and Guild Wars: Eye of the North are Pre-Order/Pre-Release Bonus Pack so not that amazing.. But the good thing is that at least I get to try out Tabula Rasa MMO.. ^^

Next up, we got the freebies from countless booths.. I have 2 notebooks, 1 calender and 2 small "Sengoku Musou" file holder..
Other than just "Tabula Rasa" and "Guild War", there are other free-games that comes with the goody bags from various companies.. This yeat, there are so many games that are given to us compared to last year.. xD
Last but not least, we've got a Gunbound mousepad, 2 small pens and a "WWE Smackdown" handphone strap..
Well, it took us awhile to sort of the loots from the rest.. I think it will take us another longer time to pack them up somewhere nicely without making a huge mess.. My parents hate messy areas..

I am going to go for today's GCA08; 3rd day straight for me and my bro, Infestor51.. This time however, there are cosplayers who will come down and showcase their outfit.. There will also be a cosplay competion held at 2 - 3.30pm later today..

Please do come down for GCA08 today as today is the last day for GCA08 and the next one will be next year.. ^^


  1. Wah! Nice freebies, but what's that Panda all about?

  2. Impossible! My work schedule are always out-of-sync with all the ACG conventions coming up!!!

    ...And, yeah, the freebies are collectively "meh" despite the quantity they give out this year.

  3. Cool freebies!

    Hmm.. I only have the first Guild Wars pack. =/

  4. @ Divine Fang: Err.. The inflatable panda comes together with one of the goodie bags.. Quite embarassing to get it though.. xD

    @ Garrett Ling: Yeah, this year's loot is more on quantity than quality.. Though I am happy to get a pre-order set of "Guild Wars: Eye of the North" and "Tabula Rasa".. ^^

    @ Orange: Ah, at least you have the first pack.. The one I have needs the first game to play I think.. I've never tried Guild War yet.. X.x

  5. Pointless freebies. Must go there for booth babes and games.

  6. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Didn't bother with the goody bags, too many faggots camping there... Typical Singaporeans. I just took whatever I could be bothered with and whatever was free-and-easy.

  7. LOL. Inflatable panda!! That is so WIN.

    GunBound mousepad looks boring. :\

  8. @ Panther: Sometimes the freebies are nice.. You never know till you try getting them..

    But did you see the queue for a goodie bag? Its worth 50cents and they dont mind queueing it lol.. xD

    @ Feidamu: Well, thats the spirit.. I always never join in a long queue.. Very troublesome since you have to wait in line for your turn..

    @ Mizunaga: LOL..

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