27 September 2008

Smexy September Outing Preview

Yeah, Miku had a fun time doing a concert with a band.. Well, this is a preview of the figure shoot that Team Blue organised.. There were 7 8 people who went for the photoshoot; Feidamu, Panther, Squee, Wcloudx, Wongtcsg, Chibihien, Dead Snake and me..

Well, do wait for the full detail of the photoshoot.. For now, I shall go sort out the pictures for the upcoming entry.. ^^


  1. 8 people, nub. You forgot DS.

    Oh I cannot wait for the combined Team Blue coverage of the outing, especially the one on the team blog. It will be QUESTIONALBLE JUSTICE.

  2. @ Panther: Whoops I forgot that we have Dead Snake who came together with us.. Darn, I did remember having a number of people with a good symmetry (No. 8)..

    As for the pictures, let us wait for Feidamu for that.. xD

  3. Haha awesomez. I can't wait!

  4. Anonymous4:48 AM

    i like konata


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