26 September 2008

September Figure Shoot Plans Finalised

Well, Team Blue has finally decided on the location of the group upcoming figure shoot 2morrow.. After some loooong discussion, we have decided to have it at Sembawang Park..

The meeting time is 3 PM 2morrow (Saturday), the 27th of September, at Sembawang MRT station control. Look out for Squee. He will be the most obvious person to spot there (You'll know when you reach there..)..

If you need his number, please ask Panther in IRC or over email (pantherrh -at- gmail -dot- com) for it and I will pass it to you.

We welcome people from all over to join us in this figure shoot.. For those coming with figures, bring an appropriate figure... For those not coming with figures, bring appropriate chat material or something to enjoy...

If you are coming, leave your name here in a comment please, so I could tell Panther about it.. ^^


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