12 September 2008

Miku Hatsune Figma (Re-released) Announced

Yes, you heard it right.. Figma Hatsune Miku is getting a re-release by Max Factory, this time it is slated for the November release..

She will be retailed at about 2500 yen or at about SGD$34.. Pre-orders for her are now open at Hobby Search.. Those who didn't get to pre-order Figma Miku the previous time, this is your chance.. ^^
I think I would get my First Release Figma Hatsune Miku in a few days time according to Hobby Search via Panther.. Anyway, thanks to Panther for pre-ordering her for me.. ^^


  1. actually, i don't get the spring onions. ><

  2. @ k,
    that's miku's weapon of mass destruction. now she has 2! ^^;

    anyway the mike stand is pretty cool.

  3. Miku Figma is really awesome!!
    Good yours is arriving soon.

  4. @ k: Spring onions are her weapon of choice.. She can now double whack anyone since she has 2 leeks.. xD

    @ gordon: Yeah, with the mike, there will be alot of poses to be done.. ^^

    @ phossil: Thanks!! ^^

  5. not just her destructive power will double with 2 spring onions. she'll get cuter as well, I guess ^^;

  6. @ Kozta-Boom: Agreed.. ^^

  7. Not surprising that they re-released her. She was fully reserved on her first day, after all.


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