26 September 2008

Hatsune Miku Cosplay (HQ)

A week has passed since the CosCon @ Games Convention Asia 2008, I thought that I would have to wait for a few more months to the AFA08 to maybe catch a glimpse of a Miku cosplayer.. But my wait is over..For now at least.. ^^

Thanks to MikuFan, I found some High Quality (HQ) photos of Hatsune Miku cosplayed by Ibara-san.. Click on the pictures to view the enlarged version of them..
A very well-made and detailed costume I have ever seen.. From her main outfit to her sleeves, all very detailed indeed..

The small details like the “01 Hatsune Miku” tattoo on her arm make this one almost perfect... ^^
I wonder how much does the wig cost? It looks very smooth, it looks so real.. And it's hair colour is almost similar to the original Hatsune Miku's hair colour..
This is my favourite picture among the rest in this entry..

Pictures are taken from Kirinon Graphica who I like to visit once in awhile.. Their blog is filled with pictures of other cosplayers cosplaying a variety of characters.. Do check out their site..

I love it when someone cosplay as Hatsune Miku.. Usually they put in alot of time adding details onto their costume..

So what character do you love to see the most being cosplayed as? And which person do you want to see cosplaying that character? :D


  1. nice... hehe

    ooo yea that hair.. i bet she uses pantene.. maybe its not a wig? :X hmm details.. it seems the thingie on her hand doesnt light up? or it does?

    I would like to see emma ai! (a good 1 that is)

  2. Every detail has been taken care of but I do not see Miku's leek anywhere?!

    As for cosplayer, I think I have go with Kipi :)

  3. i agree with divine fang. kipi looks good cosplaying as almost anyone. ^^;

  4. Anonymous10:56 PM

    I know this isn't exactly what you asked but...I've always wanted to cosplay as Alice from Shadow Hearts. Plus since she is a European character it wouldn't look "off" for someone who looks like me to dress up as her too.

  5. @ Anonymous Coward: I don't know.. I wonder how one keeps her hair long and silky.. Yeah, I think she used Pantene on it.. :P

    There was a Miku Coslayer, Inuran during the CosCon at Toys & Comic Convention who have a light-up version of the same sleeves.. Very unique.. ^^

    @ Divine Fang: True.. Miku might not be complete without her leek.. =3

    @ Gordon: Kipi is the best I've seen so far IMO.. She does look great cosplaying alot of characters.. ^^

    @ Lovelyduckie: Well, I think cosplaying as Alice will look good on you...

    Well, if you do cosplay as one do some pics to show everyone.. ^^

  6. hey ya I remember her.. she won!

  7. funny i didn't notice ibara-san's cosplay as miku before, despite i myself being a devoted fan of her cosplays lol :3

  8. Anonymous4:56 AM

    I wish i could afford things like that :|

  9. Anonymous8:57 PM

    pretty much the only problem is no leek and on the nails it's not supposed to be teal then white, only teal


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