15 September 2008

Games Convention Asia 08 Event

Another weekend just passed by and I am feeling that this September holiday isn't exactly a holiday at all.. Anyway, September does have a fair share of good events to go to.. One example is the upcoming Games Convention Asia 2008..

As per usual, it is held at the Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre, the main convention area for most events held this year like the Singapore Toys & Comic Convention and the World Cyber Games..
Well, the GCA held last year was very interesting and fun.. Me and my bro, Infestor51 were having a blast playing alotof pre-released games (back then) like Crysis, Sims Societies, Medal of Honour: Airborne, Need For Speed: Pro Street..
Playing Crysis before it's release was totally awesome.. And its for free.. ^^

Medal of Honour: Airborne.. Another game showcased in GCA07..

Well, going for such event doesn't really mean we played games all day right?? Well, thats where you are wrong.. We got tons of freebies and also prizes from contest we volunteered ourselves to join..

Here is what we got at last year's event:
1. Razer Merchandise - 1 T-Shirt, 2 big stickers and 2 Razer dog-tags..
2. Countless posters from alot of companies.. I preferably like the "World in Conflict" poster.. And..
3. A Cherry Credit digital clock with built-in internal lights.. Awesome..

Well, there were more freebies we got but I forgot all about it.. :P
Well, other than that, it is still games galore.. Alot of pre-released games will be shown there.. Expect games like Dead Space, C&C: Red Alert 3, Need for Speed: Undercover, Mirror’s Edge, Crysis Warhead, FIFA 09, FIFA Online 2 and MySims Kingdom..
For this year's event, expect more good games by companies such as EA, Nintendo (courtesy of Maxsoft Online, the official distributor for the company in South-East Asia) and THQ and KOEI who will be represented by their distributor Replay Interactive...
Other than international companies, there are also local companies like Asiasoft and Cherry Credit.. I wonder what games will they be showcasing this year.. Can't wait for it.. ^^
This year however have an additional event which is going to be held on Saturday.. It is the CosCon event where cosplayers will come and compete against one another for the top prize..

Well, there are also the cosplayers who will be walking around the convention.. Do bring along your camera; DSLR or not when you come to GCA08..
Having cosplayers like this would be interesting.. :P

The event will commence this Thursday and ends on Saturday.. The Opening hours are:
18 SEPT 2008: 11.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
19 SEPT 2008: 11.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
20 SEPT 2008: 11.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
Admission for Public Visitor is Free of Charge although note that registration is required... To register, please click here..

I will be attending all 3 days.. 1st day being the review of the event and what games are available during the convention.. 2nd day would be game-whoring (as expected from a Gamer).. The last day being to catch the CosCon.. ^^

If you want to meet me there pls make a comment here and we can arrange a time to meet.. I will be going with my polytechnic friends on 18th but well, the more, the merrier..

For more information, please visit [ Games Convention Asia 2008 ] official website.


  1. looking forward to your coverage ^^

  2. Anonymous10:03 AM

    That Tifa cosplayer looks like the best one I've seen in our island.

  3. tragic comedy11:59 AM

    i will be there!
    on a media pass, no less.

  4. @ k: Will do my best taking pictures during the convention.. ^^

    @ Feidamu: If there is one like that in Singapore I would gladly like to chat with her.. xD

    @ Tragic Comedy: Ok, I will be happy to meet you during the convention.. Hope we get to bump with each other.. ^^

  5. orz

    Another event I'm missing.
    Looking forward to coverage!

    No offense, but I believe that Tifa cosplayer isn't from your island.. ^^;

  6. @ Mizunaga: Ok, I shall not fail everyone.. ^^ Will do my best to take alot of pictures during the convention..


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