07 September 2008

SPORE Launch Event at Funan

Just came back a few hours ago, bringing home 2 packages from the event itself; the SPORE Launch Event at Funan IT Mall at City Hall.. As avid gamers, I went there with my brother, Infestor51 on our quest to get the free goodies (Like we always do)..

So we arrived at the event at about 11am where we got to try out the full release of the game provided there (there were 5 stations to try out the game)..
So what is SPORE? Well, for a start, is a game by EA Maxis where player is able to control the evolution of a species from its beginnings as a unicellular organism, through development as an intelligent and social creature, to interstellar exploration as a spacefaring culture...

Well, after playing the game like 6 hours, I got the hang of the game.. I so far managed to reach the Civilization stage where my creatures are able to capture or ally with other cities..
Cute right?? xD

I particularly like the vehicles creation mode.. I can make my own vehicle anyway I like it.. This is my prototype vehicle for the SPORE game.. It was called "Icarus"...
Now that is EPIC vehicle..

So other than just going there to solely play the game, we were there to collect our goodie bags/package from the event itself..
So here is what we got from the event..

We got:

2 XBox360 Need For Speed Pro Street

2 SPORE Creature Creation free download card and..

2 $10 off Discount Promo card

Due to the fact that we dont own a XBox360, we are selling away both NFS:PS away.. 1 of them is already in the sales process..

Well, thats it for today's event.. We played till 5.30pm.. Yeah, a very long gameplay time indeed.. ^^


  1. Tiny Red Man1:10 AM

    Wow, you stood for 6hrs playing the game? Pro..

  2. SPORE really looks interesting. Other than Little Big Planet it has to be the most anticipated game as well.

  3. Anonymous4:37 PM

    @Tiny Red Man: He got called "Civilisation" by one of the girls manning the demo stations.

    Spore was simply amazing, the level of customization and detail is astounding.

    I can't wait to try out some advanced designs.

  4. @ TRM: Yeah, Im kinda used to playing games while standing up, even for hours.. Well, thats what you get for getting engross with the game..

    @ Panther: Yes, it is interesting.. I particularly like the civilisation mode.. Very unique in a sense..

    @ TheFuzzy: Yeah, I will get this game and play it to my hearts content.. :P

  5. SIX HOURS. You, my friend, are epic.

    SPORE looks really interesting. I must get my hands on this game.

  6. @ Mizunaga: Why, thank you Chong.. ^^ I am now playing this game as I post this comment..

  7. I have been reading mix reviews about the game. Great scores for the early game but really bad scores for late game periods. Not going to comment much since I have not touched a new game after Company of Heroes and Total War: Medieval II.

    Anyways, I tend to avoid EA products ever since WCG 2006.


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