04 September 2008

GSC Yashiro Kasumi Opened For Reservation

Wow, this is good news.. Good Smile Company has announced that the 2nd character of the game Muv-Luv Alternative; Yashiro Kasumi will be now available for pre-orders..
One of the MOE character in the game (which I didn't play yet), I like how she looks.. Having twintails (I am a Twintails lover), she looks kawaii~~

I like how her suit shines, this must be one of the very few figures/figmas that have shiny outfits such as figma Miku and the upcoming 1/8 scale GSC Hatsune Miku..
I like the stuffed bunny that comes with her.. It really looks like those bunny bags that some people love to carry around.. It makes her more MOE than ever.. x.X
Well, she is now opened for reservation at Hobby Search for only 6800 yen which is about SGD$90.. Quite a decent price considering the shiny outfit she is wearing.. Maybe the quality used to make her is of higher grade, who knows..
I saw the entry from Wcloudx that this figure was shown during the Summer Wonder Festival 2008, and is also the second figure to be released from the series, with Mitsurugi Meiya as the first earlier last year...

GSC also gave us a sneakpeek on their 3rd figure from the series; Kagami Sumika which they have yet to announce.. She looks very nice holding the Heart on her hands.. Very unique is a sense..
Well, I managed to track down the OP for Muv-Luv Alternative for those who played this game last time.. Here you go:

Well, I seriously want to buy her but I have so many pre-orders coming in, especially in September.. I want to consult with Panther about the La Tendo pre-orders stuff... Will ask him when he is free.. ^^


  1. Honestly, I have no idea who she is, but she looks cute. She kind of gives that.. "silent assassin" (Yami-chan, for example) look though. :\

  2. @ Mizunaga: That is why she is a MUST get.. Im going to La Tendo because of her.. xD


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